7 Reasons You Should TOTALLY Be In Love With Your Clitoral Hood
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7 Reasons You Should TOTALLY Be In Love With Your Clitoral Hood

Wanna know why I am so fascinated with the clitoris? It's because I am also very fascinated with sex; especially marital sex (because I am a marriage life coach). And so, every time the topic of a clitoris comes up, it's weird but I get excited! Why? Because plenty of research points to the fact that there's not one purpose or reason why the clit exists other than for a woman's sexual pleasure.

So, you know what that means, right? It means that God intended for women to enjoy sex, just as much as men. Full stop. And, if we're going to explore all of the beauty that is the clitoris, a part of what has to be discussed is something that I bet you give every little thought to—your clitoral hood. Girrrl….girl. That little bit of skin is something that I am hoping you will come to love and cherish with all of your heart after you read the seven reasons why it's a small thing that has a significant purpose.

1. Your Clitoral Hood Is the Foreskin That Protects Your Clitoris


Let's go back to science class for just a moment. Did you know that all sex organs actually develop from the same embryonic cells and that they are also connect each human's nervous system in similar ways?

This is why some people say that every baby starts out with a clitoris, although some eventually end up with a penis. To a certain extent, that would be correct because the clitoris (also known as the aforementioned glans) has a similar function to the penis (which is also known as a glans) on the sexual tip. They both get bigger and harder when they are sexually aroused. They both return to their "normal" size after an orgasm.

And, when a man hasn't been circumcised (by the way, uncircumcised men reportedly have more sexual sensitivity and women who have sex with them reportedly experience more sexual pleasure too), he has something called foreskin; it's a flexible piece of skin that covers the tip of a man's penis and covers up the external opening of his urethra (the tube where his urine and semen comes out).

Yeah, well. While I've never personally been with an uncircumcised man myself, I will say I find it hilarious—and a bit hypocritical—whenever women try to act all grossed out at the thought of being with someone who hasn't been "cut". I mean, how would you feel if a man said the same thing about you because, guess what a clitoral hood is? It's the foreskin that covers up your clitoris (BAM!). And it helps to protect you too. Only, in a bit of a different kind of way.

2. Your Clitoral Hood Keeps Your Clitoris from Annoying You All Day Long


If you want to know some pretty interesting facts about your clitoris, check out "10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Your Clitoris". As far as your clitoral hood is specifically concerned, one reason to be especially thankful for it is because, while your clitoris is attached to—count 'em—15,000 nerve endings, the outer part of your clit contains 8,000 nerve fibers alone. Just think about if your clitoris was constantly exposed all day long, rubbing against your panties 'n stuff. Nerves are really sensitive, so while you might think it would be like having a non-stop orgasm (a woman from Atlanta went through that and she wasn't exactly thrilled), actually, it could get to be pretty painful. This is where your clitoral hood comes in. Not only does it protect your clitoris from being over-stimulated and receiving uncomfortable friction, it also protects it from debris and other things that could possibly irritate it.

3. Your Clitoral Hood Helps You to Have a Clitoral Orgasm


The placement of your clitoris plays a huge role in if you are able to experience a vaginal orgasm (an orgasm that comes from penetration) or not. But, thanks to your clitoris, you can definitely have a clitoral orgasm; so long as your clitoris is stimulated to the point of you climaxing, you're all set. And just what is the difference, sensation-wise, between a vaginal and clitoral orgasm? While a vaginal orgasm is usually more intense and can be felt deeper within the body, a clitoral orgasm is more of a surface one that gives you a tingly sensation on the surface of your skin. Something that's pretty cool about clitoral orgasms is they can cause you to have anywhere between 3-16 contractions, plus they can last anywhere from 10-30 seconds.

The reason why your clitoral hood can actually help you to have a clitoral orgasm is, when your clitoris is stimulated, the extra skin that covers it moves up down; that can help to arouse your clitoris quicker and more intensely. How awesome is that?

5. Your Clitoral Hood Is the “Source” of Multiple Orgasms


Another thing that is dope about your clitoral hood is it can be the key to experiencing multiple orgasms. How? Because it serves as a bit of a buffer. Remember how I said that the hood is foreskin for your clitoris? Well, a lot of women have trouble having multiple orgasms, simply because the first orgasm was so powerful that their clitoris feels too sensitive to be immediately touched.

But, thanks to your clitoral hood, if, after having your first orgasm, you deep breathe for about 30 seconds and then get on top of your partner for another round, it's very possible that you'll receive just enough stimulation to have another orgasm without your clitoris feeling uncomfortable—due to being over-stimulated—in the process. (Well, what do ya know?)

6. Each Clitoral Hood Is Quite Unique. And Beautiful.


OK, sooo…I'm thinking that you already know how to locate your clitoral hood, right? Just to be on the safe side, if you opened up your legs and looked at your vulva (the outer part of your vagina) in the mirror, the pea-sized "hump" of flesh that is at the top of your "slit" is your clitoris. The skin that covers it is your clitoral hood. And, just like every woman is unique, so is every vulva, clitoris and yes, clitoral hood. And you know what? Every single one is beautiful. I mean, when you stop and think about the fact that your clitoris and clitoral hood ONLY exist to bring you sexual pleasure (well, the hood also exists so that you're not overly-stimulated into a painful experience as well), how can you not find them to be alluring, appealing, delightful, fascinating and magnificent—no matter what shape, size or color they are?

7. All This…and Still, Your Clitoral Hood Is Pretty Low-Maintenance


The fact that a lot of you have probably never even considered your clitoral hood prior to reading this shows just how low-maintenance it actually is. I will say that there are some women who have had pubic hair, lint or even dried-up discharge caught in their clitoral hood that has led to irritation. That's why, as a preventative measure, it can be a good idea to take a Q-Tip, dip it in some olive oil, gently pull your hood back (not all the way, just a little) and swab around your clitoral hood once a month or so in order to dislodge anything that may be up in there. But other than that, there's not much that you need to do in order to keep yours happy and healthy.

Bonus: What Do Some People Like About Clitoral Hood Piercings?


And just how many women have clitoral hood piercings? From what I've read, it's two percent (that's actually kinda high). As far as the scientific/medical side of things, while they claim that vertical clit hood piercings won't do much for you as it relates to increasing your chances of having an orgasm or intensifying your pleasure, what the piercings are able to do is increase your level of sexual desire and quite possibly add to how often you are able to get aroused.

Now that's what the professionals say. I personally know some women who have a vertical clit hood piercing and they all say that it has taken their sexual climaxes to a whole 'nother level, chile. Still, if it's something that you've been considering doing (or you're thinking about doing now), make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. You can check out some videos featuring some sistahs talking about their personal experience here and here. If you want to watch the actual procedure (which is totally NSFW), go here. Piercing or not, when you get home tonight, do a toast to your clitoral hood. I'm not quite sure where any of our sex lives would be without it—and that's real.

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