6 Push Gifts For Expecting Moms This Mother's Day & Beyond
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6 Push Gifts For Expecting Moms This Mother's Day & Beyond

Treat yourself or nudge your partner to.


Push gifts are given by a spouse or to one’s self in order to celebrate the immaculateness of womanhood i.e. growing and birthing a new life. We’ve seen them on a more luxurious scale but it doesn’t have to be anything as extravagant as a new car or even jewelry. We’ve also seen the world of delusion in which people have made it out to be a controversial topic as though women didn’t come with dowries not all that long ago, which proves their value to the families or husbands they’re married off to. While I won’t waste time on that, what I will say is if they’re not for you, don’t invest in one but also don’t comment on your feelings towards other women who receive them either.

You can argue with your mama or Beyoncé, who was once rumored to have negotiated in the terms of her prenup that Jay-Z must pay her $5 million per child. We know all too well that giving birth is not for the faint of heart, and for Black women in particular the odds are even less in our favor when it comes to maternal-fetal mortality rates. Not to alarm anyone unnecessarily, but whether a mom-to-be desires children or not, they are entitled to a push gift. FYI, you don’t have to have "pushed" your baby out in order to be gifted – they’re for C-section mommies just the same.

Now that we’ve had that discussion, let's further discuss acceptable push gifts. This is for you and your partner to decide, however, we’re sure you’re open to suggestions and we have them. Here are six push gifts that you can either treat yourself to (hello, single mamas) or nudge your partner in the direction of.

Custom Footprint Pendant

My Forever Child

On this sterling silver round pendant, your child's handprints or footprints can be engraved as a customizable keepsake cementing a moment of time for you and your newborn. My Forever Child offers a range of options for custom engraving, from one footprint to one handprint and one footprint.

My Forever Child

Talia Sari Custom Map Necklace

Talia Sari

Another custom jewelry find, what is unique about Talia Sari's offering is the custom map jewelry. Make a statement with a custom map that shows the location of your child and keep that place close to your heart always, but in a fashionable way.

Talia Sari

Gold Circle Mama Necklace

Tiny Tags

This "discreet and dainty" necklace offers simplicity and charm and makes a statement in a subtle way. Wear your new 'mama' title close to your heart with a piece of jewelry that displays your new role with pride.

Tiny Tags

Wine Subscription Box

McBride Sisters

Now that I’m aware that even breastfeeding moms are able to have their wine and sip it too (without pumping and dumping), I strongly suggest a one-year subscription to a wine club. This subscription by McBride Sisters is a perfect choice.

McBride Sisters Collection

Limited-Edition Zodiac Ornament Collection

Joanna Buchanan

For the Astro-mom, this is the perfect gift. These blinged-out ornament pendants will make for the perfect addition to your first Christmas and add a little glamor to the tree.

Joanna Buchanan

“On the Day You Were Born” Print


Another gift for the Astro folk, especially the ones who can give you the entire rundown on their birth chart – and did I mention? One of my favorites! This is a canvas print showcasing the stars at the exact time your little one was brought into this world. OurLoveWasBorn has various sizes and price points that may better suit your needs.


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