Omarion: 'My Sexiness To The Core Is Just Who I Am'
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Omarion: 'My Sexiness To The Core Is Just Who I Am'

Omarion has found himself at the center of attention over the last few years. From the controversy surrounding his former bandmate Lil Fizz dating the singer’s ex and mother of his children Apryl Jones to becoming a viral meme after a TikToker recreated his dance from a 2015 performance. And more recently he received a lot of criticism for his Verzuz battle against Mario. But drama aside, Omarion has also had people singing his praises.

The “Touch” singer has been making the ladies swoon with his sexy photos along with his equally attractive brother O’Ryan and his “unbothered” attitude has kept him on the tips of everyone’s tongues. He’s now capitalizing off of being the king of being unbothered by releasing a new book Unbothered: The Power Of Choosing Joy as well as a five-part docuseries Omega The Gift & The Curse. The father of two opened up to HelloBeautiful about his unbothered title, being a sex symbol, and much more.

“I think a lot of people get the concept and idea of unbothered misconstrued because sometimes people think that being unbothered is not acknowledging certain things,” he shared. “Being unbothered is, is maintaining your emotional intelligence and power and realizing that this person might be doing this intentionally, so do I react or do I respond? And I’m very much so a thoughtful person.”

Omarion was given the unbothered title by fans after Fizz and Apryl began dating. While we don’t know how he truly felt about the situation, he appeared to be nonchalant. “It’s not about anybody else because to be completely honest with you, I could burn the world down in the worst way and those are the thoughts that come through my mind—but how beneficial is it for me?” He added. “I will protect myself but at the end of the day, how we respond to things really puts us in the victory position or it puts us in a losing position and you know, me; I’m a winner. I’m a winner in life and I have a winner attitude.”

His unbotheredness could be rooted in his spirituality. The “O” crooner has shared multiple videos on social media lighting sage and saying daily mantras in an effort to practice peace. He cited his grandmother as one of the first people to introduce holistic practices in his life. “I experienced a lot of different religions, a lot of different cultures,” he explained. “She never really pushed me to do any of those things but it was always around, candles, burning sage incense, my Nana used to make jewelry, all of those Afrocentric things that come from that era.”

As a spiritual being, he also acknowledges that he is a sex symbol and plans to always be one which may affect his dating life.

“Prince never stopped being a sex symbol, D’Angelo, Lenny Kravitz…” he said. “The essence of being sexy—either you, you have it or you don’t. My sexiness to the core is just who I am,” he adds. “Being sexy doesn’t mean that we’re gonna do it, but it’s a vibe and I don’t get tired of it. I actually plan on maintaining my sexiness for life.”

He is also working on building generational wealth for his family which means work always comes first. So, when it comes to dating, he admitted that “it’s tricky.”

“The support in a relationship can either be a distraction or a beautiful thing. In the past, it has been a distraction,” he revealed. “I’m still continuing to build my wealth as a businessman, so it’s easy and hard. It’s easy to love me because I’m lovable but you know, with all of the other things that come with it, you gotta be special.”

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