Meagan Good Shares How She Overcame Skin Bleaching Accusations Following Skincare Mishap
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Meagan Good Shares How She Overcame Skin Bleaching Accusations Following Skincare Mishap

In 2020, actress Meagan Good faced criticism and allegations of skin bleaching after fans noticed a significant change in her melanated complexion.

To make matters worse, many voiced their opinions on social media by expressing either their disappointment in Good or demanding clarification. At the time, the Harlem star revealed that her lighter skin tone wasn't intentional but a result of a botched beauty product recommended by an unlicensed esthetician to help tackle the sun damage she obtained on her face over the years.

Since Good's revelation, the skin-bleaching chatter among fans has ceased, and her complexion ultimately returned. During a recent interview withESSENCE, the 41-year-old spoke about the lessons she's learned through the ordeal, mainly how not to care about the opinions of others.

Meagan on the Backlash and How It Affected Her

In the discussion, the Think Like a Man star disclosed that when she became aware of the skin-bleaching accusations that circulated online, she felt powerless over the false narrative.

Good claimed that a positive shift occurred after praying to God when she recognized that this period of her life was meant to help her overcome the need for external validation.

"I was like, I look so crazy. I just have to sit in this and let people think what they want to think, and there's nothing I can do about it," she explained. "But I remember when I was praying, I felt a peace come over me, and I was like, 'this is an answer to a prayer.' I didn't realize it at the time, but my concern with what other people thought about me was such a thing that I had to go through something like that where I literally had no other option, and I had to find my joy and my peace regardless of what everyone was thinking."

Meagan on How the Past Criticism Helped Her Prepare for the Public Demise of Her Marriage to DeVon Franklin

Later, Good mentioned that the experience helped her become better equipped for when she and her ex-husband DeVon Franklin announced in December 2021 that they were going their separate ways after nine years of marriage because it forced her to be free from others' judgment.

"I had to be put in that place in order for me to get as free as I am now. By the time I got to the divorce and all of that, it was like, 'I'm okay,'" she said.

Good and Franklin's divorce would be finalized the following year, in June 2022. To date, Good is seemingly living her best life as a single woman and sharing joyful moments on her social media page.

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