Kelis On The Importance Of Having Black Women On Her Team
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Kelis On The Importance Of Having Black Women On Her Team

"That for me is a safe space."

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As a Black woman, Kelis knows how important it is to work with other Black women, help each other and give each other opportunities. The “Milkshake” singer has always been a voice for female empowerment with her popular female anthems like “Caught Out There” and “Bossy” and in a chat during Refinery 29’s Unbothered Presents The Glow Up festival, Kelis opened up about the Black women behind her legendary career and how Black women should create safe spaces for ourselves.

In a clip she uploaded to Instagram, she said “I have a Black female OB. I have a Black female business manager.” She also mentioned that one of her managers is also a Black woman.

“Like for me, that for me is a safe space,” the mom of two explained. “I need to be able to know that when I call you about my business, about my child, about whatever it is, that I’m talking to someone who speaks my language for real.”

“Because they know if I win, we all win. It can’t be the other way around,” she continued, “It wasn’t designed to be that way. So for me, that’s the safe space. I want people who look like me, who talk like me, that’s what I want. That’s what makes me feel good.”

Kelis received a lot of praise for her comments including from TV host Tanika Ray who wrote “This!!!! Reflection is everything and vital for success.”

Kelis has been diversifying her career since her first album Kaleidoscope in 1999. The “Jerk Ribs” singer is also a chef and often shares recipes as well as food she’s grown on social media. She also sells organic beauty and culinary handmade products.

This is one of Kelis’ first public speaking appearances since her husband Mike Mora passed away from stomach cancer in March. He was 37 years old.

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