Idris Elba Was 'Done With Love' Before Meeting Wife Sabrina: 'Here Was Someone Who Was Just So Genuine'
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Idris Elba Was 'Done With Love' Before Meeting Wife Sabrina: 'Here Was Someone Who Was Just So Genuine'

Since Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhwore Elba's debut as a couple in 2017, they have become the embodiment of relationship goals.

Aside from the pair displaying their love in various viral social media posts and their collaborative projects, such as their Coupledom podcast, genderless skincare brand S'Able Labs, and humanitarian efforts, Idris and Sabrina have showcased over the years how love with the right partner can transform one's perspective on life and empower an individual to achieve their desires.

Idris and Sabrina's love story began in early 2017 in Vancouver when the actor worked on Mountain Between Us. The pair would cross paths at a jazz bar one night, and as fate would have it, their lives would be forever changed for the better.

In a recent joint interview with Esquiremagazine, the now-married couple opened up about that fateful night and how their love has inspired them to become better versions of themselves.

Idris and Sabrina On The Night They Met

In the discussion, Sabrina, who was a student at the time and working at a bar, revealed that her chance encounter with Idris almost didn't happen because she was exhausted from working. Still, due to it being her friend's birthday, Sabrina decided to go out and "ended up meeting this perfect guy."

"I had been working long shifts all week and was exhausted, but it was my friend's birthday, so I went out and ended up meeting this perfect guy. It all felt a bit like fate," she said.

On the other hand, Idris shared that upon meeting Sabrina, he had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn't looking to be with anyone. But following their brief interaction, the Luther: Fallen Sun star knew she was different.

"When I met Sabrina, I was coming out of a relationship, and I was done with love. I was in a headspace where I was thinking: 'I was born alone, and I'll die alone,'" he stated. "But then I met this really intelligent, smart, beautiful, and funny person who was so unaffected by things—it was so refreshing. I come from an industry where people all too easily become self-important, and here was someone who was just so genuine and positive and…themselves. It was great for me."

Idris and Sabrina On How Their Lives Have Changed After Meeting

Further in the interview, Sabrina expressed that after meeting Idris, building a relationship with him, and ultimately getting married in 2019, her life has significantly changed because he has helped her feel invincible in anything she tackles personally and professionally.

"My life massively changed after that night too. With Idris, everything is so exciting and every day can bring something new. I still feel like I want to spend every waking minute with him. He made, and still makes, me feel like there is nothing I can't accomplish," she explained.

Idris would add that on the night they met, he asked Sabrina about her modeling pursuits for a skincare brand and why she hadn't thought about owning one in an attempt to expand her mind to the endless possibilities that her career could go.

Sabrina mentioned that Idris' way of thinking had inspired her to dream bigger and aspire for more, which she hasn't experienced with anyone else.

"It's always that way with Idris. He's such a blue sky thinker. He always dreams bigger and grander," she stated. "At first, I would roll my eyes, but now I have adopted that mentality, where I can see myself somewhere I never would have been able to before. It's one of my favorite things about him, and I tell him all the time. I've never met a dreamer like him. Idris could probably wake up one day and fly just because he willed himself to do it!"

Sabrina wrapped up the conversation by sharing that having Idris open her eyes to what she could accomplish as a Black woman in society has helped "empower" her and made her feel that she could use her voice.

"When someone opens your eyes to the possibilities, then you start to feel the waves. As a black woman, growing up, you often feel like your opinion can be squashed. 'Don't talk too loud, or too much'. It's not like anyone ever told me not to, but certainly, I have never been encouraged to," she expressed. "It was a big shift in my life when Idris' attitude started changing my way of thinking. It empowered me and made [me] realize that I can use my voice."

To this day, Idris and Sabrina continue to break down barriers in the industry and be an inspiration for those seeking to be the next power couple being honest about their journey.

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