Here Are 10 Versatile Fashion Looks By Keke Palmer That You Can Recreate
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for AT&T

Here Are 10 Versatile Fashion Looks By Keke Palmer That You Can Recreate

Take a page out of this 26-year-old entertainer's book and boss your look all the way up.


So boom. It's the weekend, you're staring into your closet at the copious amounts of clothes you've accumulated but have worn less times than you can count on one hand and your first thought is: sh*t. I have absolutely nothing to wear this weekend. Clothes are the first impression people have of you, so it's understandable that women are especially particular when it comes to choosing an outfit to slay the day. Whether it be Sunday brunch or a Saturday night on the town with your girls, what you wear is a reflection of who you are and you deserve to look as dope as you feel.

“Style icon" is not a phrase that should be thrown around lightly, but young starlets like Ryan Destiny,Yara Shahidi, and Keke Palmer are well on their way to being legends in the fashion world. Keke, who was recently promoted to permanent host on the new Sara & Strahan show, is living out her dreams in the best way and looks damn good while doing it, and we here at xoNecole demand that we give her all of the things.

If you're stuck when it comes to what you want to rock on this weekend's adventure, take a page out of this 26-year-old entertainer's book and boss your look all the way up. Here are 10 fly looks Keke served us that you can recreate with a few staple pieces and a whole lot of confidence:

Keke was looking back to school ready in this simple yet vibrant fit, which can be recreated with shorts, a dope button down, and your favorite pair of Chucks.

A t-shirt and a blazer is perfect for pretty much any adult weekend activity, allowing you to look hella chill but ready for a check at all times. Add a funky heel for optimum flavor.

Pantsuits are all fun and games until you're butt naked in the bathroom at your favorite restaurant, but nevertheless, we persist. Beauty is pain, and this olive one-piece is worth it all.

Fall is upon us, which means that Winter is coming. But really, is there ever really a bad time to rock fur-like textures? This image of Keke Palmer rocking a shag coat with matching pumps proves that question was rhetorical.

Monochromatic outfits may be an old school trend, but the gag is, it never really went out of style. Keke rocks this khaki and jean combination with the kind of style and grace Biggie used to rap about.

Last year at New York Fashion Week, Keke kept it simple and cute with this easily recreated ensemble that makes denim look classy AF.

Patterns, and colors, and contrast, oh my! This look can be created by pairing your favorite mini dress with a pair of vibrant heeled sandals and matching hair clips.

Keke knows where's she's going, and she'll never forget where she comes from. That's why we can't get enough of this blazer and air forces combination that will let everyone know you're not a business man, you're a business, man.

A cool denim on denim look might be everything your Instagram feed didn't know it needed. Switch up this otherwise monochromatic look by incorporating flashy colors, fun patterns, and eye-catching accessories.

A cropped sweater and pleated skirt are a power duo when it comes to transitioning from summer to fall. Giving you the best of both worlds, this outfit is perfect for fickle weather.

Featured image by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for AT&T

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