Gia Casey Reveals She Faked Orgasms With Her Husband DJ Envy For 10 Years
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Gia Casey Reveals She Faked Orgasms With Her Husband DJ Envy For 10 Years

Gia Casey and DJ Envy are getting real about their nearly 30-year relationship. The couple were high school sweethearts and have six kids together. Gia has mostly been in the background as her husband, whose real name is Raashaun Casey, has been in the public eye working with many artists and being a part of “the world’s most dangerous morning show” Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

But over the last few years, they have built a brand as a couple with their podcast The Casey Crew and they share the cutest family photos with their six kids on social media. Now, they have a new book together titled Real Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together where they shared the ins and outs of their marriage. During an interview with The Shade Room, the couple got candid about a topic that many couples may experience but are too ashamed to admit, faking orgasms.

“We would be intimate and he would be putting his best foot forward like, he is in the business of satisfying just all around. He lives to make me happy, and he puts his best foot forward in that role,” Gia said. “So I would see him trying and really going to work, and I’m sure many women can relate, you want to reward that man for that work and the only reward that you have to offer is an orgasm. And even if I didn’t feel it, I would still be performative. So, yes I was faking it.”

DJ Envy explained that he found out about her faking it during an argument, which crushed him. “It hurt me because I thought I was pleasing my wife. You hear all these stories about women talking about their girlfriend, ‘Oh girl he was so short, oh girl he ain’t doin’ nothin’,' and I feel like they laughing, and now I feel like that’s what my wife is doing,” he said.

Gia’s revelation to her husband in the argument ultimately caused a domino effect in their relationship, which led to the Queens DJ cheating. Envy was reportedly involved in a very public cheating scandal with reality star Erica Mena.

“Me doing that was very detrimental and it put into effect the fall of a series of dominoes that hurt our relationship in the absolute worst way," Gia said. “It was actually one of the reasons why he cheated.”

But Gia isn’t alone in faking orgasms. According to Psychology Today, 57.1% of women fake orgasms because they want their partner to “feel successful.” Thirty-seven percent said they faked it because they didn’t want their partner to “feel bad.”

DJ Envy & Wife Gia Casey Discuss Sex Life and Faking It In Bed!

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