This TikToker Created A Five-Year Plan For His Relationship After Being With His Girlfriend For Less Than A Year
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This TikToker Created A Five-Year Plan For His Relationship After Being With His Girlfriend For Less Than A Year

We’ve all heard of creating a five-year plan for your career but have you ever heard of making a five-year plan for your relationship? TikToker James Hunt did and it created quite a buzz on the social media platform. James, whose TikTok name is mba_huntboy, shared the five-year plan he implemented with his girlfriend on TikTok, breaking down their goals each year.

The couple has been together since Dec. 2021 and they came up with the plan less than a year together, which took a lot of people by surprise based on the video’s reactions. But there were others who supported the plan and admired it.

So what’s the five-year plan? In the TikTok video, James is sitting in front of a green screen that has the document displayed in the background. The real estate investor then goes through the document and explains his motivation behind it.

According to James, the plan doesn’t have to be limited to financial goals and family goals, but it can encompass an array of things such as reading and learning new skills together.

Year 1

In the first year, James lists getting engaged, a trip to Europe, moving in together, investing, paying off personal credit cards, reading three-minute books together, and saving $375 per week each.

He revealed that he and his girlfriend opened up a joint savings account. “If you humping somebody and you can’t start a bank account with them to see what type of saving habits they have or see if you can motivate them together, you need to be done with that right now,” he says. “I don’t know too many people actually coming together to save money, invest, do certain things. It's just all messed up.”

Year 2

In the second year, they will increase their saving strategy to $425/ week as well as their joint reading from three minutes to five minutes. They also want to get married and are planning for a baby, (he clarifies in the comments that they are wanting to have a kid in 2024), more travel, and more investments.

Year 3

By year three, they want to have $100k minimum saved, move into a new home, take a family cruise and continue investing.

“What I discovered was if we do this for the next three years, you can see how year one ties into year three here because that’s $36,000/ year if you do that $375 a week each,” he says. “We’ll have $100,000 saved collectively to invest or go right into our year four. We want to get a house in San Diego. We have a [$100k] cash, that’ll take you a long way on a down payment.”

Year 4

Year four says private banking, San Diego home, and making baby #2.

Year 5

Year five wraps up with educational attainment, moving again, mentoring, and civic engagement.

James wants viewers to know that while this plan works for him, you don’t have to follow everything he does. Do what works for you.

“Just use this as kind of like a guideline. It don’t have to be exact. We put some specific stuff in here but I didn’t put what type of books we gonna read. I just said we gonna read three books each,” he explains. “Put this together for your relationship. Definitely, if you got a girl, you got a dude, tell them hey, I wanna open up a joint account. Let’s start putting in $25, $50 a week and that’s gonna show you a lot about a person and if that becomes a problem then you know that you don’t need to be with that person. But if y’all can really buckle down and really see what you can do. You can make some great things happen.”

He ends his video with the popular old saying, “Two heads are always better than one.”

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