Right Message, Wrong Messenger? Social Media Really Isn’t Feeling Ciara’s New Empowerment Anthem
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Right Message, Wrong Messenger? Social Media Really Isn’t Feeling Ciara’s New Empowerment Anthem

Picture it: Worldwide. Year, 2000. One of the greatest female groups on the planet has been tapped for the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack for a song that almost single-handedly reshaped the female-to-male relationship dynamic forever, titled "Independent Women Part 1." The song would go on to be one of the highest-selling, highest-charting singles by a female group of all time, ultimately to be performed to the end of time for the rest of our lives.

The songwriter would go on to marry (quite literally) the richest artist that hip hop has ever seen, as, through her own hard work, she sings about being independent literally forever (ahem, "Single Ladies") while the rest of us are left to splash around in a dating pool that seemingly has pee in it.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m talking about Queen Bey (don’t fight me), who alongside Destiny’s Child, revolutionized how women respond to getting what they want and deserve out of life, and not “needing” a man to get it.

Fast forward to today, the girls are welcoming the soft life while that ole "independent" heffa, although a characteristic in all of us that goes without saying, can graciously see her way out. At least that's what the girls are saying.

It all started when our fave, Ciara, uploaded a playful video promoting her new single, "For Da Girls." She’s in the mirror, rocking the MSCHF bubble red boots, as she sings:

This is for the girls who don’t need no man,

This is for the girls who love yourself,

This is for the girls who up and did it by themselves,

This is for the girls that’s I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T...


Now don’t get me wrong, the tired congregation of Black women loves us some Ciara Princess Wilson, but we also collectively couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy of the message of this song choice, while we have Ciara's prayer laminated, framed, and hanging on the walls in our prayer closets.

And let’s just say that social media had a lot to say about it too.

Some got straight to the point of the irony:

While others kicked us while we were down: 

Some were thrilled at the overall response and were on our side:

And others welcomed the anthem: 

Ciara has yet to address any of the (minor) backlash as she is currently overseas serving looks throughout Paris Fashion Week.

But I have to ask, should happily married artists make single, independent women anthems?

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