Ciara Opens Up About Learning To Accept Her Natural Hair

Ciara Opens Up About Learning To Accept Her Natural Hair

Developing a solid morning routine can be a drag, especially if you're a night owl. The struggle to get up and do your hair and a face full of makeup every morning can get old quick, but R&B singer Ciara has the remedy to your early A.M. troubles: try going natural for the day.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting you go out into the world naked faced and vulnerable, but our girl CiCi broke down the low-maintenance routine that allows her to be glam on the go without breaking out an arsenal of makeup brushes. Last weekend at the ESSENCE Beauty Carnival in New York, the singer explained:

"Life is very simple. There's just no time to do a whole lot. I go for a quick little concealer under my eyes. I get the t-zone because it does help when you have bags in the morning. [I put] a little bit of bronzer around the perimeter and then a little lip gloss or lip liner, and then I hit it. I'm out the door."

According to this 33-year-old mother of two, less is more, but she didn't always think this way. After dropping her debut song "Goodies" and becoming an overnight success only a year after graduating from Riverdale High School in 2003, the young singer had a triple-platinum hit that would ultimately jumpstart her 15-year career.

Unlike most of us, who had the pleasure of adapting to our growing bodies and changing facial features within the confines of our homes and dorm rooms, Ciara was forced to go through her journey from adolescence to adulthood in a very public way. The "Thinkin Bout You" singer opened up about how she garnered the courage to appreciate her own bare-faced beauty after years of having a negative self-image. She explained:

"Years ago when I started being an entertainer, I'd rely on [makeup] to feel beautiful. I think we all can say when we get makeup, we feel [and] look like a different person. (Enters Sasha Fierce) I can't rely on that."

Ciara explained that over time, with the support of her family and amazing partner, she grew to learn true beauty starts from the inside-out.

"I wanted to work on really loving myself at the core of who I am when there's no makeup. And thankfully my husband does. He tells me I'm beautiful when I'm super vulnerable that way."

The singer also admitted that it's taken her entire career for her to be comfortable in public without her hair extensions, and I can relate, sis. The singer explained that after having an unfortunate experience with a relaxer at a young age, she thought her self-esteem would never recover. In a post on Instagram showing her now lengthy and luxurious locks, she wrote:

"The first time I got a relaxer when I was young, it took out my hair. I was devastated. I never thought my hair would grow back. So proud ❤️"

As much as I love the smell of new bundles in the morning, I realize how easy it is to hide behind hair that isn't yours and forget how beautiful you are without it. Ciara told ESSENCE:

"I do like when I get those 34 inches, but I don't want to rely on this. Underneath it all, I still want to make sure I'm cool with myself and who I am. I feel like I'm in a really good place with understanding that and loving myself as I truly am."

Check out Ciara's full interview with ESSENCE here!

Featured image courtesy of Instagram/@Ciara.




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