Ciara Spoke The Life Of Her Dreams Into Existence At The Age Of 17

Ciara Spoke The Life Of Her Dreams Into Existence At The Age Of 17

You are the first person to hear every word that comes out of your mouth, and it's time you stop being so reckless. Being impeccable with your word is a superpower, one that Ciara used to manifest the life of her dreams.

This past Saturday made 15 years since Ciara released her debut song, "Goodies," which subsequently launched her career and laid the foundation for her future. In an interview with Billboard, the singer opened up about how she spoke the life she wanted into existence at only 17 years old.

Fresh out of high school, Ciara had big dreams for her future and she used the power of the tongue to manifest them. She explained:

"I graduated when I was 17 years old and I was on camera going, 'I see myself having a No. 1 song on the Billboard chart and da da da,' and I was declaring what I foresaw happening or what I believed could happen."

The vision that Ciara had at the time is one that many of us lose sight of early in life. When we're young, our imaginations are free to run wild and we are confident in the belief that we can be whoever TF we want in this lifetime. Somewhere along the line, we forget this fact and fall victim to the projections that others have for our future, but Cici wasn't having that. She believed she could, and so she did, damn it. She told Billboard:

"This is the one song that I know is going to put me on that map, that is going to change my life. The song came out and it was almost like watching the music board and it was moving without anyone touching it. It was the perfect way for me to meet my fans, the perfect way for me to start off my career, everything that wanted to happen and more happened in that moment."

Although at the time, Crunk & B was a new concept, Ciara made a choice to bet on herself and several platinum-selling hits later, it's clear that she got her return in full. She continued:

"What Lil Jon did was historic for music, because he came in with the fresh sound and he went against the grain of what traditional pop was at that time period. And I was the first girl to do it. So I was really proud of that and will forever be proud of it."

Today, Ciara has become the woman of her dreams and more. As a wife, mother-of-two, and owner of several businesses, Ciara knows that the only real way to level up is by shifting your mindset.

"My dream came true in every way I could have imagined and more."

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