Ari Lennox Sheds Light On Her Sobriety Journey And The Positive Effects On Her Life: 'Having Help Is Ok'
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Ari Lennox Sheds Light On Her Sobriety Journey And The Positive Effects On Her Life: 'Having Help Is Ok'

Ari Lennox is courageously sharing her sobriety journey, shedding light on its benefits and why she deliberately abstained from consuming alcohol.

The singer shot to fame in 2015 after becoming the first female artist to sign with J. Cole's Dreamville record label. The following year, Lennox made her mark by collaborating on various projects and releasing her debut EP Pho. Lennox's success only grew from there.

In 2019, Lennox's career soared to new heights after the release of her debut album Shea Butter Baby, featuring the hit songs “Whipped Cream,” “BMO,” “New Apartment,” and many others. To date, Shea Butter Baby has been certified gold after selling 500,000 records worldwide. Since then, the 32-year-old has released an album and an EP, respectively, titled Age/Sex/Location and Away Message.

In addition to her professional achievements, Lennox has provided insight into her personal life and the steps she took to become the best version of herself, from attending therapy and exercising regularly.

Most recently, the "Pressure" vocalist took to Instagram to discuss why she became sober and how her journey has been these past seven months.

Ari Lennox On Being Sober

In the July post, which included numerous photos of the star posing in front of what appears to be her home, Lennox revealed that becoming sober has been a life-altering experience and that she can't "imagine" returning to her old habits.

"7 months sober. That's a lot of sober flights. A lot of sober conversations. A lot of facing things raw and head-on. Honestly, I don't know what will happen when I reach a year sober." she wrote while mentioning if she plans to extend her sobriety timeline. "Don't know if sobriety is forever or not but I can't imagine going back to how things were. "

Further into the caption, Lennox disclosed the events that motivated her to start her sobriety journey, including heightened emotions and passing out in public places.

"Passing out in the airport or having my emotions more heightened than needed smh s—t was bad," she said, sharing some of the benefits she encountered from no longer drinking alcohol.

"I feel more in control of my emotions. More stable. More happy. More alert. More safe. More accepting of things I can't control and more responsible with things I can. I have less anxiety socially, and when I'm ready to go, I go. I recognize my threshold with things and implement boundaries. I don't find interest in partying anymore, maybe I'm changing, and that's deeper than alcohol."

Ari Lennox On What Sobriety Has Taught Her

Toward the end of the post, the "Waste My Time" singer explained that since becoming sober, she has been able to identify her weaknesses and ask for help.

"Accepting help and realizing I'm not the best traveler on my own has been a game changer. So now I have help and that helps. Having help is ok," she stated. "I like waking up with no hangover or embarrassment. I like waking up with no night terrors and panic attacks from liquor. I'm so raw feeling everything in this world and my coping mechanisms are only healthier now. It's nice to remember events as they are happening."

Lennox added another advantage she experienced was enjoying the present, not choosing alcohol to escape any problems that may arise, and finding more productive solutions.

"It's nice to be present. Sobriety is a very present experience...But yea sure there's the fantasy of wanting to escape all the intense stress of the world with alcohol cause boy does it work temporarily. But there's the moment the liquor stops numbing and you're chasing that feeling to no avail and you wake to see the problems of life still there," she said.

The star's recent testimony can inspire others to seek ways to take care of their health by eliminating harmful habits and taking back control of their lives.

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