Branded Email Addresses Are A Thing & You Should Be Using One

Branded Email Addresses Are A Thing & You Should Be Using One

First impressions matter, especially in business.

Workin' Girl

I don't know about you, but I've become more and more selective when it comes down to what I open or automatically delete in my inbox. Spam emails are a thing, and I'm not here for it.

When businesses or brands reach out to me, as a business owner I find it hard to take the company seriously if their company email address is "companyname@gmail.com". If you're a business owner, I highly recommend having a professional email domain before you start sending out emails. Not only is it the professional way to conduct your business communication, but it's also surprisingly really cheap too.

Like dirt cheap.

If you need more convincing, keep reading for three reasons why having a professional email domain is a must, and a budget-friendly way to get one.

1. It’ll make you look less like Joanne the Scammer.

A professional email domain with your company name automatically makes your business look professional, legit, and more trustworthy. Just think about it, would you buy something or open an email from an email address from kimscupakes@gmail.com or from team@kimscupakes.com?

I'm sure you picked the latter.

If a potential customer sees your email from your professional, company email domain, they'll see that you're legit and more than likely will open your email. However, if you are sending company emails that end in gmail.com or yahoo.com, it's possible that it'll get deleted, marked as spam, or blocked.

2. It’s free advertising.

Every time someone opens up your email, they are engaging with the marketing for your business. By having a professional email domain for your company, it will help imprint your business brand in your target market's mind every time they open or see your email.

3. It’s cheap AF.

Lately, I've seen more new business owners emailing from their Gmail or Yahoo! accounts, and after speaking with them, I've learned that they weren't aware of how cheap and easy it is to have a professional email domain that includes their business name.

Sis, the gag is, it doesn't cost a lot at all to have a professional email domain.

It can literally cost you a few dollars a month and is way cheaper than what you'll spend at Starbucks or Chick fil A each day, or for your Netflix subscription each month.

Because of the benefits and inexpensive cost, it's beyond worth it to invest in a professional email domain.

4. It's easy to use.

Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your professional email domain. As you'll see, the instructions are for creating it using Google's services. I'm a huge fan of Google and their offerings, and also, it's a very cheap, easy to use, reliable option.

Step 1. Purchase your custom domain name from sites like GoDaddy.com if you haven't already.

Step 2. Go to the G Suite site, click "Get Started", and then enter your business information, including your company's domain as requested.

Step 3. Choose your plan. Unless you know for sure that you need unlimited storage, I recommend starting out with the Basic G Suite account. It costs $6 per month and includes 30 GB of cloud storage, compared to $12 per month for the Business account. Of course, you can always upgrade later if you find that you need more space.

Step 4. Verify your domain. The easiest way to do this is to just "insert an HTML tag into your site's home page". Trust me, even if you can't code, it's not hard at all. Essentially, this is simply a small bit of code that you will copy and paste into the backend of your website. The code is provided by Google so it's not like you'll have to figure it out on your own. Easy, right?

After you've done that, you'll click "verify" in G Suite, login into your G Suite account, and add new users (just so you know, users in G Suite are your custom email addresses). You can start off with one "user" (email address) or as many as you would like - keep in mind, the price per user is $6 per month per user, or $12 per month per user depending on what kind of G Suite plan you choose.

Step 5. Celebrate because you're done! Have a drink or two because you did it!

Now that you have the tea on creating your company's email domain, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or run into any issues.

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