Adrienne Haughton Talks Reuniting And Healing With Naturi Naughton
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Adrienne Haughton Talks Reuniting And Healing With Naturi Naughton

Adrienne Houghton is opening up about her renewed friendship with Naturi Naughton. The artists were in the early 2000’s singing group 3LW as teenagers along with Kiely Williams but controversy ensued after Naturi exited. The Power star claimed she was kicked out of the group after she got into an altercation with Kiely which resulted in chicken being thrown at her. She was then replaced by Jessica Benson but the group eventually disbanded and Adrienne and Kiely went on to star in the Disney Channel’s hit movie The Cheetah Girls.

Fast-forward to June 2022, the former The Real co-host shared a photo with the actress on Instagram and captioned it “#2LW 😜 #LetTheHealingBegin.”

The 38-year-old recently sat down with ET and opened up about the photo that had everyone talking.

“Crazy enough she’s been on The Real several times and I feel like we never had animosity towards each other in that way that it just was like, ‘oh, hi. It’s awkward ‘cause there’s an elephant in the room of all that we’ve been through,’ but it would be like ‘oh, hi,’ ” Adrienne said. “And I think there was always this idea of I’m happy for you and you’re happy for me. This unspoken thing but we pretty much greet each other and just go right into interviews.

“And this last time she was like, we’re almost 40 years old now, that’s the reality of it,” she continued. “And she found out that I was moving back to New York and we were just like, we’re both in New York now, let’s spend some time together, let's get together, let’s have dinner and that’s what that was.”

Adrienne also explained the meaning behind the hashtag #LetTheHealingBegin. “The hashtag #LetTheHealingBegin, I think that’s key. I think so many of us have had experiences in our lives where we’re just like what was that all about?” She said. “And you let them go but at the same time, you almost want to revisit them when you get older to actually be like what was that about and how can we move forward? And I think that’s where we’re at.”

She also shared that the two of them healing separately from their time in 3LW allowed them to heal together and repair their friendship. “There are things that her and I will share forever that no one will ever know or understand and that’s just the truth of it.”

But while the two have rekindled their sisterhood, 3LW fans may not want to hold their breath for an actual 3LW reunion. “There is nothing set. There is no reunion set, Adrienne admitted. “There’s nothing like that setup but I think the most important thing is not music but the real life is good.”

Adrienne Houghton on Possible 3LW and Cheetah Girls REUNIONS (Exclusive)

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