7 Looks That Will Have You First-Date Ready, No Matter The Mood

7 Looks That Will Have You First-Date Ready, No Matter The Mood

Given your comfort zone, you may live your best dating life in sneakers or in heels; either way, we want to make sure you feel your best while finding your potential bae. As a southern gal in the dating game, I once found it hard choosing a lewk for dates. Mostly because I was aiming to look good for my date. Then, I realized I needed to feel comfortable in my own skin so now I only rock pieces that make me feel good. Because when you feel good, you look good. That's law.

Ahead we have found gathered some inpso for your next date night, no matter your mood. Take a look!

For the woman who can't live without a sexy dress...

For most women, a sexy dress is their go-to for date nights. They are sultry and call you to own your sensuality. You can pair them with slinky sandals or even rock your favorite sneakers for a sporty chic look. We love Jess's emerald green slip dress because of its instant glamour and style. Her decision to keep her hair out of her face was so wise because it creates a beautiful, clean look.

For the woman who is the epitome of Sporty Spice...

Michelle can't be bothered with stressing over what to wear on a date with bae so she sticks to her favorite laid-back staples. From the cargo pants to the sneakers, she is ready for wherever the night make take her.

For the woman who can't get enough of graphic tees...

Get into Rocky's eclectic night on the town look! You can don this getup to brunch or dinner or the movies because the graphic tee makes it extremely versatile. When trying to achieve this look, make sure you find a top that is colorful enough to blend with a classic patterned skirt.

For the woman who loves denim...

We don't know about you but we believe denim is so clutch for first dates. They are both chill and trendy which gives off an effortless vibe. Shelley leveled up her frayed denim by coupling it with a uniquely structured tube top. The accessories, both the handbag and the sunglasses, were superb additions.

For the woman that was born in heels...

If you're gonna strut your stuff, it might as well be in these heels. Dani's colorful outfit emanates confidence and allure. She accomplished color-blocking by pairing colors that complement one another. Use the color wheel from BirchBox below for assistance.

color wheel

For the woman who is always suited and booted...

Choosing a suit for a date is risky but sexy; it shows your bold nature and lets your date know that you don't have time for games. This lilac on Surya's skin is a dream!

For the woman who adores a midi skirt...

And the category isssss.... live, work, pose! And this dressmaker did just that! She is giving so much life in this African printed skirt. We love that she added the sheer, tumescent top over the bandeau creating a voluptuous aesthetic.

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