It’s Not Too Late To Make The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
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It’s Not Too Late To Make The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Depending on where you live and your perspective on time, we’re slowly approaching the halfway mark of the summer. This time during the season presents a unique opportunity to not only reflect on all the memories that you’ve already encapsulated but also take inventory of how you’d like to spend the remaining days ahead.

Summer bucket lists have long been a staple tool to document our desired adventures and keep track of lasting memories that have marked our summer days. And while most people create their bucket list before summer gets into full swing, it's never too late to create a list to put yourself on the road to making the most of what’s left in the season offerings.

Whether you've been caught up in the hustle and bustle of life or simply looking for some inspiration, a mid-summer bucket list can infuse your remaining days with spontaneity and intentional joy — since the spirit of adventure knows no time constraints or time limits.

Before diving into creating your mid-summer bucket list, it’s always best to have a moment to reflect on the experiences you've already had this season. Sometimes when we live in a city that gets a lot of action with concerts, festivals, and everything in between, it can be overwhelming to decide what it is you actually want to put your energy into going to. But when you take time to recall the moments that brought you joy and the nights that made your heart race (in a good way), they can give you the foundation for your future summer shenanigans.

Just because the calendar says the summer days are winding down doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace the wonder of trying new things and a sense of excitement for the unexpected fun that lies ahead. As long as you have warmth and extended sunlight at your disposal, it's never too late to start your summer checklist, and to get you started, we’re providing you with all the inspiration you need to create one that reflects your unique desires.

1.Beach Day with Friends: 

Spend a day at the beach with your closest girlfriends, soaking up the sun, bronzing up your melanin, and indulging in a refreshing tipsy drink (or two).

2.Take A Road Trip Adventure: 

Plan a spontaneous road trip to explore nearby towns, hidden gems, and breathtaking landscapes. Embrace the freedom of the open road and create unforgettable memories along the way.

3.Get Aquatic With A New Water Sport: 

Whether it's paddleboarding, surfing, or kayaking, challenge yourself to learn a new water sport and experience the thrill of riding the waves.

4.Take Your Workout Outside:

Find a serene spot in nature or a group outdoor class to rejuvenate your mind and body while connecting with the beauty of the outdoors.

5.See Your Favorite Artist In Concert: 

Something about summer ‘23 has all our favs touring, which is perfect for us: the fans! Grab your tickets and get lost in the sounds of your most-loved tunes, you won’t regret it.

6.Outdoor Movie Night: 

There’s nothing like watching the sunset while a classic rom-com is playing in the background. Hit the nearest rooftop and organize a cozy outdoor movie night with friends, complete with blankets and popcorn — extra points if you get a good cry in.

7.Attend A Farmer's Market: 

Explore a local farmer's market, supporting local businesses while discovering fresh produce, handmade crafts, and unique artisanal products.

8.Try Trendy Summer Recipes: 

With the TikTok kitchen at our disposal, there’s always room to experiment with refreshing and Instagram-worthy summer recipes. From colorful smoothie bowls to homemade popsicles and fresh salads, you can keep your meals light and cute.

9.Switch Up Your Appearance: 

Maybe you’ve been eyeing a hair color or a curly cut on your Pinterest mood board. Whatever your flavor, summer is the perfect time to test out a new look and switch your style up.

10.Pick Up A Book: 

Remember when we used to read for fun? We do too! For book recommendations, check out our Good Reads section and our series, "I Read It So You Don't Have To," by clicking here and here. Why not use the summer to tap into your inner bookworm?

11.Go For A Sunset Bike Ride:

There’s one thing to see the city on foot. There’s a whole other thing to see it on a breezy route while biking. Take the long track while taking in the scenery of your neighborhood and city.

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