The 'Mercedes' Experience: Six Tips On Giving Your Partner The Sexiest Lap Dance

The 'Mercedes' Experience: Six Tips On Giving Your Partner The Sexiest Lap Dance

In season two of the hit drama series, P-Valley, we watched in awe as Mercedes (Brandee Evans) effortlessly glided up and down the pole, showing off her ultra-sexy dance moves in the privacy of her client’s home – dubbing it as the “Mercedes Experience.” If you’ve ever explored the idea of surprising your partner with a lap dance but cringed at the thought of embarrassing yourself, we’re here to help.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a pro to pull off a few sensual moves for your partner – you don’t even need a pole! If you’re interested in recreating a sexy moment from The Pynk or just looking to 'drop it like a thotty' for a lucky someone, we’ve talked to Zippora, a pole dance fitness instructor and personal trainer, for helpful tips on how to unleash your inner performer.

With over 10 years of experience, Zippora has performed stunt double work as Mercedes on the P-Valley pilot and as Anika Noni Rose’s character in BET’s The Quad. She’s also appeared in the music videos of Lil’ Baby and August Alsina, and has performed with Latto and Snoop Dogg. Keep reading for her pro tips on how to give a sexy lap dance to your partner.

1. Set the Mood


“You want your partner to be relaxed and ready to consume all of what your performance has to offer, so setting the mood for them will be a great way to help put them in that headspace. Try to cater to as many senses as possible. You can try dimming the lights and lighting scented candles,” Zippora explained.

“If they love massages, you could gently stroke a part of their body as you guide them to the location of your performance. You could also provide sweet treats and a beverage for them to graze on while you are getting ready. Remember, you are the mood so whatever you choose to create the ambiance, these are all mere accessories to help enhance your special moment.”

2. Assemble a Sexy Playlist


The music will set the tone for your performance, so understanding what feeling you are looking to evoke and what level of energy you would like to bring is necessary in pulling your performance together,” Zippora said. “You also want to play with songs and rhythms that you find your body moves easiest to. Both an up-tempo and a slower cadence could work well, as long as it feels natural to your body. Some of my favorite artists who are setting the mood for me right now are Azee, Tanerélle, Giveon, Olafur Arnalds, dvsn, Sabrina Claudio, and the song 'SMTS' by Jeremih.”

3. Do a Quick Stretch


“Stretching plays an integral part in your performance because it allows your body to move at its fullest potential once it’s warm and loose. Dynamic stretches and movements are best to get the muscles warm and agile. Try to pay close attention to your shoulders for a variety of arm extensions, shoulder rolls, or any lifting you may include in your show,” Zippora described.

“Your waist and back are a dynamic duo that must have an honorable mention in warming up your body. Stretching these two areas will be key to bringing your upper half and lower half of your body together working in unison. After that, stretching your legs will give you the support you need to entice your viewer. Remember to keep your core engaged throughout the entire movement. Your body will thank you for this later while you’re giving all the energy in your performance.”

4. Pick a Seductive Outfit


“Choose something that accentuates your most desirable assets while also wearing something that you feel comfortable and confident in. An option could be eight-inch heels with an oversized t-shirt and a thong so that you can put those legs and glutes on display. Or you could try a revealing strappy bondage bodysuit with coordinating foot straps that allow you to flex your curvy silhouette while dominating and taming the moment,” Zippora said.

5. Perform Sultry Dance Moves


“Your body is a work of art that you are putting on display, so think of each sway of a curve, each point of an extension, each body roll, and every strut and pirouette as a brush stroke. Paint the picture of the story you are trying to convey to your viewer. Standing and facing your partner with arms extended overhead, for example, while rolling your hips then quick-turning your back to them following a deep bend over is a great way to get their attention and begin your expressively seductive story," Zippora explained.

She continued, "Opening your legs with pointed toes for a full spread and gently alternating bending each knee can make your performance more dynamic. However, you decide to create your choreography, move your body in a way that makes you feel sexy so choose movements that appear effortless, that visually give you the air of strength and makes you appear the most tantalizing.”

6. Be Confident


“The most important thing is to have fun. Try not to take yourself too seriously as this experience should be enjoyable without any stress. Be mindful of your breathing to relax your mind and body. The more relaxed you are, the more free and confident you will feel to truly be you,” Zippora noted.

“With regards to your partner, try to make the moment interactive to help sustain the engagement by giving your partner queues of when and where to look and touch. Knowing your partner is completely present and attentive, will provide you the strength and boldness to easily beguile and command the mood with indelible confidence.”

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