4 Black Woman-Owned Brands You Need In Your Skincare Routine
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4 Black Woman-Owned Brands You Need In Your Skincare Routine

Elevate and chill is the wave, and every week, xoNecole is highlighting four black woman-owned brands you should support and follow. Join us on August 3 to support businesses like these in real life at our first annual ElevateHER Market event.

As I've grown older, my skin has come to feel like less of a point of pride and more of a burden on my to-do list. While, as a young, spring chicken, I didn't have to worry about the perils of cystic acne and sebum-induced sadness, now it seems like it's all I think about.

My Google search history is riddled with natural remedies that have either left my skin inflamed or had little-to-no effect at all. It wasn't until I decided to buy black that I realized the value in consulting and confiding in experts that look like me and therefore have the same problems as you (as well as the right solutions).

While the ULTA lady tried her hardest to help me understand how the latest cult cleanser that's about $100 more than what I've budgeted for is the key to healing my hyperpigmentation, sis just couldn't relate. If you're like me and have spent hours on end looking for a suitable skin solution, look no further.

Below, I've compiled a list of black-owned skincare brands created by boss women that look like us that will help remedy all of your skin-related woes in the process:

Minimo Skin Essentials

Less is definitely more when it comes to skincare products, and according to Minimo Skin Essentials, minimalism isn't their mission.

Created in 2016 by Houston-based entrepreneur, Mary Ware, this company seeks to deliver high-end, paraben-free beauty products that will help you say goodbye to bad skin and revel in your glow like the queen that you are. Minimo's line of all-natural, reasonably priced products includes facial scrubs, serums, and dark spot correctors that will get your skin all the way together.

Shop Minimo Skin Essentials here.

Jade & Fox Co.

If you're in the Atlanta area, make sure to swing by Little Five Points, where Jade & Fox Co. can fulfill all of your natural skincare needs. This company uses products that can be found in the confines of your pantry to create a cocktail of skincare magic that will give you that glow all year round. I've ordered from this company twice before, and while I miss their package deals, I can really appreciate what these clever concoctions have done for both my acne and my hyperpigmentation (the Darla Cleanser paired with their Fineapple Face Mask is the key to true happiness).

Jade & Fox Co. offers a number of organic solutions to suit all of your personal needs and offers a range of products, including but not limited to aluminum-free deodorant, linen spray, and body scrubs.

Shop Jade & Fox Co. here.

Brown and Coconut

Brown + Coconut is a plant-based, non-GMO skincare company based in Boston that was created by melanated sisters, Letisha and Zeena Brown, who developed the business after suffering from years of severe acne.

Letisha and Zeena cured themselves of their dermatology-related woes from the inside-out, starting with changing their eating habits and later compiling years of research and testing to create organic, chemical-free skincare solutions that would be suitable for every skin type. Using household ingredients like thyme, honeysuckle, and kale, these sisters have created a line of scrubs, masks, and cleansers that will have your skin on 10.

Shop Brown + Coconut here.

Uni Beauty Blends

When it comes to sunscreen, serums, and scrubs, Uni Beauty Blends has you covered. Based in Baltimore, Uni Beauty Blends offers plant-based solutions for all skin types that help with problems like hyperpigmentation, eczema, and psoriasis. Most of their products are under $20, making this collection perfect for the sebum-burdened beauty on a budget.

A woman like me can't say no to an effective facial system, and according to several customer reviews, this company has exactly what you need. You can purchase these products for a steal as a part of a bundle deal or try them out individually a la carte. According to many customers, Uni Beauty Blends' Apple Crisp toner is a crowd favorite that will have you looking 10 years younger.

Shop Uni Beauty Blends here.

Featured image by Instagram/@MinimoBathAndBody.

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