Sheree Whitfield's 50th Birthday Trip To Thailand Was Everything

Sis has been beachside chilling, sipping on cocktails, and living her best life on the milestone b-day vacay we wish we booked yesterday.

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50 is the new 30 and Sheree Whitfield's latest photos in Thailand are proof of this fact. It's happening. Believe it. Get used to it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG recently celebrated her 50th birthday with one helluva trip overseas proving that Black women age like wine—the older we get, the more expensive our taste. Joined by a few members of her squad, sis has been beachside chilling, sipping on cocktails, and living her best life on the milestone b-day vacay we wish we booked yesterday—but it's not too late.

While you may say you're content with a small birthday party featuring a few of your closest homegirls and your mom, I know you sis. An annual birthday dinner at your favorite local Thai restaurant just ain't cutting it for you no more—you need to hop on a plane and experience the real thing and I 100% support that message.

It's only January which technically means almost everybody's birthday is coming up this year and it's never too late for you to start planning the Black AF birthday abroad that you'll never forget.

Featured image by Instagram/@shereewhitfield.

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