Queen Naija Opens Up About Feeling ‘Envious’ Of Women Who Are Child-Free
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Queen Naija Opens Up About Feeling ‘Envious’ Of Women Who Are Child-Free

The journey of becoming a mother can come with its set of personal struggles, and singer Queen Naija is opening up about the impact that motherhood has had on her personal growth.

On the first episode of her new podcast Let’s Talk About It — with her best friend Dominique Moore — the 28-year-old admitted to occasionally feeling “envious” of women who don’t have children, expressing her desire for the freedoms that come along with a childless life.

“Sometimes I envy the girls that get to wake up with no kids and like literally get to design their apartment the way that they want and literally just go and do whatever they want,” she says.

The social media personality started her motherhood journey and marriage at 19 with ex-husband Chris Sails. At the time, the two shared a YouTube channel, Chris and Queen, documenting their life and relationship. The two soon had a son, Chris Sails Jr., but divorced due to his infidelity.

Following the breakup, Naija entered a relationship with her current boyfriend, Clarence White, with whom she has a child named Legend Lorenzo White.

While the "Karma” singer expresses deep love for her sons, she highlights the need to find balance between motherhood and continuing the journey of self-discovery beyond her music career and public persona.

“I never got to learn myself,” she said. “I’m still trying to learn myself outside of just music while still trying to become a wife too and the best mom. It’s hard to do all of that, I feel like sometimes I’ve got to choose.”

Queen Naija and her co-host continue by emphasizing the pressure to perform “the titles” of mother and wife, while still uncovering deeper layers of themselves as individuals.

Although the two agree to be “blessed” and “grateful” to be mothers, the need to make the choice between these responsibilities and identities still leaves residual curiosity about the lives of women who are single and child-free.

“It just goes back to that, I envy girls that can…because it seems their life is so organized. I don’t want to say envy like I’m jealous, but you know, fake envy,” she says.

Girl Talk | Let's Talk About It (Ep. 1)

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