Monica Will Never Blame Another Woman For A Man’s Infidelity

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The betrayal of infidelity cuts deep. Not only are you confronted with the idea that you may not have been enough for your partner, but you have to deal with the harsh reality that at some point, another woman was. This kind of deception is enough to make a woman angry angry, and sometimes, that anger can be directed at the wrong person. We all remember when Shirley Brown made that dreadful call to Barbara in "Woman To Woman", but according to Monica, Shirley's beef is with the wrong person.

Earlier this week, she went live on Instagram and shared how she really feels about "The Other Woman", and the "So Gone" singer did not bite her tongue. On a live video with her friend and musical counterpart, Tank, Monica explained:

"Typically when people find out their mate is cheating, they will blame the other person more harshly than their mate, and I just find that to be insane. You realize how stupid that is because at the end of the day, the person that you either took vows with or made a commitment."

While her split with Shannon Brown was amicable and she made it clear that the end of their relationship was not caused by infidelity, she could not say the same about her lovers before him. Although as a youngin', Monica had no hesitation in kicking down doors and smacking chicks, she explained that motherhood has given her a new perspective.

"Yeah, it's nobody that's going to meet somebody that I'm with that don't know that they my somebody, but they still don't owe me what the person that I'm with does. I may get some information from, or be resourceful towards or maybe just want to know a little bit about, but I'm not confronting or running up on somebody else that's been with somebody. It's your husband. She ain't take no vows with you."

While in the past, she was ready to fight any woman any of her exes had been unfaithful with, now she thinks that way of thinking was crazy as hell.

"Because everybody ain't married, but if I live with you it's the same thing for me. So it's like the commitment that you've made and the requirements and responsibility of taking care of the other person's heart only belongs to your mate."

According to Monica, it was never up to Barbara, Shirley or any other woman to keep a man in check, and it's really not up to you either. A man's job is to protect and provide for his household and by committing infidelity, he's really failing in both departments. Monica says instead of running up on the other woman, it may be time to re-evaluate your own relationship standards:

"It's really the person that you're with, it's their responsibility to care for you, to think of you. They have to protect you at all costs. And how much can you love me if you're not protecting me?"

She went on to say that it's important to remember that a man's infidelity is never a reflection of how he feels about you, but more about how he feels about himself:

"When somebody disrespects you like that, it's sometimes a lack of love. People assume it's just a lack of love towards you, but a lot of people, when they're moving around like that, they don't really love themselves and sometimes they don't even feel worthy of who it is they have and they don't even know how to care for that. Sometimes you can't do what you weren't taught."

Watch the full video below!

Monica Addresses Boundaries Between Her Husband & Other Women! youtu.be

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