Eclipse Season Predictions: How This Cosmic Shake-Up Will Impact Your Life

Eclipse Season Predictions: How This Cosmic Shake-Up Will Impact Your Life

Eclipse Season is a time when there is magic in the air, change in the air- and maybe even a little turmoil. It’s not the time to set your intentions, do any rituals, or work on your manifestations, however, it is the time to allow, process, and accept while things move around and reform in your life. The rule of thumb during Eclipse Season is to hold off (if you can) on making any final or life-changing decisions, as things will be drastically transforming over the next month.

When Are the Eclipses in October?

The first eclipse of this last Eclipse Season of the year happened on October 14, 2023. This eclipse is a New Moon Solar Eclipse and is in the sign of Libra. This eclipse is just the beginning and is a time when you are seeing glimpses of what you can expect not only over the next month but over the next six months, as eclipse energy tends to last until then. The final eclipse of this Eclipse Season is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023.

This Lunar Eclipse is the Hunter’s Moon of the year, and you can expect some significant revelations to appear, especially when it comes to love and finances. Lunar Eclipses create change, culmination, and close chapters that aren’t meant to be. Overall, it’s about progress and not perfection right now.

Trust your intuition and let your internal guidance system move you through this time.

October 2023 Eclipses Horoscopes

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This Eclipse Season has brought a mix of emotions into your world, Aries. The Solar Eclipse on October 14 helped you see the possibilities of love and where it’s headed for you, and the Lunar Eclipse at the end of October will help you find the balance both emotionally and financially. With the Lunar Eclipse moving through your 2nd house of finances, you are learning to find the sweet spot between your values and wants financially and those with whom you associate or want to create. You have a strong need for more security right now and are getting clarity on your own needs and the needs of your relationships and commitments.


This Eclipse Season is really hitting home for you, Taurus. During the Solar Eclipse on October 14, you are focused on new beginnings when it comes to your health and well-being and are creating a breakthrough for yourself here. The Lunar Eclipse on October 28 is happening in your sign, and the spotlight is on you right now. You are going through a lot of personal changes in life, and by the time the Lunar Eclipse comes on, you are ready to decompress, process, and accept.

This Eclipse Season has taught you that nothing can get in the way of what is meant for you, and it’s allowed you to relax a little more into your own personal knowing and confidence.

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Endings lead to new beginnings, and that’s the energy you are moving through this Eclipse Season, Gemini. At the beginning of this Eclipse Season, you are feeling the love and are focused on the new beginnings you are experiencing romantically. By the end of the month, you are ready for an emotional renewal and are creating more space for raw vulnerability in your life. With eclipses already being a time of major change and release, this is a big month of transformation for you.

Be patient, give yourself time to heal, and know that whatever is being released from your life at this time has its time and space in your life but is ready to be released now. This is a life-changing eclipse for you.


Success is yours, Cancer. Although you may be feeling more pressure on you at times during this Eclipse Season, you are overall being given the opportunity to find your ground, connect to what home and safety feel like for you, and by the end of it, you are ready to claim the blessings you have been working on in your life. The Lunar Eclipse on October 28 is happening in your 11th house of friendship, hopes, dreams, and community, and you are being asked to strengthen more of this energy in your life right now.

Changes are happening, and the people around you may look different than before, but this is all a part of the divine plan that is unfolding for you now.

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This Eclipse Season is creating a breakthrough in your career life, financial world, and overall success in life. You are owning your voice and speaking up for how you are feeling, and it’s okay to give yourself time to process it all. The Solar Eclipse at the end of October is showing you just how much your efforts deserve to be rewarded, and it is the time to accept your wins.

This eclipse is here to bring to light just how much you have already accomplished in life and what your goals for the future look like now. Leo, you are evaluating your long-term goals, and life is a little more public during this time with this eclipse.


During this time, you are focused on where you want to grow and where you want to find your ground, Virgo. The beginning of Eclipse Season is more focused on your financial world, and a new door is opening for you here. Financial progress is being made, and it’s overall coming from the new perspective you have gained in these matters this year. On October 28, there is a Lunar Eclipse in your 9th house of travel, adventure, and spirituality, and you are closing a chapter in your life that doesn’t align with your goals here.

Keep your mind open to the possibilities, and don’t doubt yourself now. Your intuition is especially strong this Eclipse Season. Let it guide you, Virgo.

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This Eclipse Season for you, Libra, is all about balance. The beginning of the Eclipse Season is about you and where you are headed with the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening in your sign. This is a powerful time of the year for you and a time to keep the faith with what you are bringing to fruition. You are gaining clarity on how you show up to the world and how you want to continue to.

The Lunar Eclipse on October 28 is bringing things full circle when it comes to your commitments, shared resources, and intimacy in your life, and you are ready to let go of all that no longer serves here. The slate is being wiped clean, and you are truly getting a fresh start to create now.


This Eclipse Season for you is all about endings and new beginnings in love. You are emotionally going through a lot right now and can feel some confusion in the midst of the two eclipses. Know that whatever answers you are looking for will come when you need them, and trust that what has occurred was meant to. The beginning of Eclipse Season for you is about closure, and the end is about love, Scorpio.

Relationship matters come full circle on October 28, and you are getting the opportunity to let go of any unhealthy habits or perspectives in your relationships and to enjoy more of the magic that is presenting itself to you now.

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Your whole world opens up now, Sagittarius. You are in a space of receptivity, recognition, and getting honest with yourself. This Eclipse Season for you can bring some powerful magic in your life, especially on the 14th. Moving further into Eclipse Season, you will be bringing more of the focus to your work life, daily routine, and health. Your well-being is front and center, and it’s where you are experiencing a culmination as you begin to implement more healthy practices or routines that fit your life now.

This Eclipse Season overall is about being flexible, connecting to friends or like-minded souls, and allowing things to fall into place without forcing or controlling the outcome.


You are connecting and healing your inner child, Capricorn. During this Eclipse Season, you are asking yourself the important, sometimes challenging questions that need to be addressed. You are clearing the air for more support to enter and are gaining clarity on career matters as well. By the end of the Eclipse Season, there is a Lunar Eclipse in your 5th house of happiness, and you are seeing some of your dreams come true. You are gaining clarity on where your heart is right now, and this is a time of growth.

It’s important to really enjoy yourself right now and find ways to connect with what lights you up inside. Everything that makes you uniquely you is especially shining bright right now. Own it.

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You are in a time of surprises, Aquarius. This Eclipse Season for you is a wildcard, and you are embarking on some new adventures right now. With the Solar Eclipse on October 14 happening in your house of adventure and the Lunar Eclipse on October 28 happening in your house of home, you are finding your balance between where you want to be and where you are. Previous home improvements or projects come full circle during this time, and you will be feeling a sense of completion and satisfaction here.

Your heart is full, you have your people around you, and there is warmth and hope in your life right now. This Eclipse Season is reminding you to not count yourself out before things start to get really good for you. Hold the vision, Aquarius.


This Eclipse Season for you, Pisces is about owning your power in life and owning your space of rebirth. Through the transformations you are seeing in your life right now, you feel freer to speak up and communicate how you feel, and in the process can grow closer to someone. The conversations you are having during this time and the commitments you are making are creating new beginnings for you and allowing you to experience mental release and rejuvenation.

You are clearing the air, doing what needs to be done, and spending less energy on what doesn’t align with the direction you are heading.

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