Keshia Knight Pulliam Opens Up About Finding Happiness After Heartbreak
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Keshia Knight Pulliam Opens Up About Finding Happiness After Heartbreak

Finding yourself hit different when you're mature enough to level up and let that hurt go. I don't know who needs to hear this, but that breakup might have been the key to your breakthrough and according to serial entrepreneur and House of Payne actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, this is big facts.

In a recent interview with MadameNoire, Keshia, who finalized her divorce with ex-husband Ed Hartwell a little over two years ago, explained that although finding happiness after heartbreak has been a journey, it's been well-worth the trip. She explained:

"I feel like after you have a divorce or after any hard situation that is where you learn and work, growth occurs. Whether it is divorce or whatever it is. And I feel like the big thing is that you become very clear about what you truly desire. You get clear about what you desire and you also get clear about what you will not accept."'

Last year, Keshia made her relationship with her former co-star, Brad James, Instagram official and proved that although divorce can inevitably change your perspective on love, that doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

"And it's not from a bad place. It's from a place like you know what, thank you but no thank you. I deserve better. You can act and move from a loving space that the other person does not have to feel villainized. But it's like you know what, this just isn't for me. It's more of identifying and being very clear, honest, authentic and being true to who you really are. That's the beauty of it."

Brad and Keshia, who originally met on the set of Pride & Prejudice, say that although their love story evolved unexpectedly, it happened in perfect timing.

"Honestly, we just hit it off. We had a lot of downtime. There was a lot going on filming that project. So there were plenty of times where we would all be sitting in the cast seats or the van and just talking."
"He did say, 'We should get together, I have this script I want you to read. I was like, 'Okay, cool! I have a script that I've written that I'd love to get your feedback on, too.' He was like, 'Give me your phone' and he put his number in my phone. He took a picture of himself for the ID and put his birthday, his email [laughs]."

In a previous interview, Keshia explained that although her experience in her former marriage could have made her bitter, instead, it made her better.

"I think that it's better once you've been married because you're very clear on what you don't desire. It makes it so much clearer when you see what it is you do want. And then you also know what you're getting into. When you're younger, you're sold this fairtyale on what marriage should be."
"You feel like once you've been married and you have been divorced, you have a very different perspective. You understand the work that goes in and the difference in the work, because people are like, 'Marriage is hard!' But no no no, some of that stuff just means he's not the one for you. It's not that hard. But it does mean that you have to have two people who actively desire to be here, who want to work at it, who want to make each other happy and make each other a priority. When you do that, you can be successful."

To read Keshia's full interview, click here!

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