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K. Michelle Believes Men Aren't Good People & We Need To Talk, Sis

For the singer, the emotional wounds left by her previous partners have been too deep to recover from.

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Recently, a clip of K. Michelle's interview with V-103's The Morning Culturewent viral after she made a controversial statement that many Black women felt in their spirit.

Since entering the entertainment industry a decade ago, K. Michelle has made a name for herself as a spicy reality star and phenomenal performer, but it's the singer's views on her past romantic relationships that have dominated headlines for the past few days. During the interview, K. Michelle was asked about the biggest trauma and her response was relatable AF. According to her, most of her pain in her life has come as a result of the men she has been involved with romantically. She told the hosts:

"I don't think men are good people. The reason for that is for men to do things that they consider small in the flesh like cheating. You know that that's going to destroy your partner but you do it anyway. That's not a mistake."

In the past, K. Michelle has been involved in a number of high-profile relationships that were followed by very public breakups. The 34-year-old singer says that although she is in a healthy relationship and expecting twins via surrogate now, the emotional wounds left by her previous partners have been too deep to recover from.

"We've watched the same story over and over again and just because I am a woman, I'm supposed to accept your betrayal. You're taking advantage of my love for you and I'm supposed to be the one behind you riding or dying. I'm not dying with nobody."

The "Can't Raise A Man" singer says that along with the tragic and disgusting stories that she's heard from the fans that confide in her, her own experience has taught her that playing around with the wrong partner can leave you in last place:

"They tell me the most disgusting of stories that I couldn't even believe. Sometimes men, the wrong men, will stunt your growth as a woman."

Despite the backlash she's gotten, K. Michelle says she stands behind her comments and I hear you, sis. While I can't agree with all of Kim's sentiments, honey was preaching. The wrong men can stunt your growth, so it's up to us to get some professional help and learn how to choose the right ones.

There are men who are liars, cheaters, and frauds, but there are also men that are not. In the interview, K. Michelle mentioned that her father and grandfather have been shining examples of manhood throughout her life, proving that all men aren't trash. It's just the ones we've been choosing.

Generalizations are no fun. Generalizations hurt someone. As soon as the words "never," "always," and "all" enter your vocabulary, your mind is closed down to every other possibility. I believe in the power of the tongue, and I speak a good man over the lives of K. Michelle and every woman reading this, damn it.

While I can feel where K. Michelle is coming from on a spiritual level, I'm also here for accountability and the freedom to choose. Although none of us have "chosen" the emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse that has been imposed on us by less than worthy partners, we can choose to not settle for them.

K Michelle Says "I Don't Think Men Are Good People"www.youtube.com

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