Justine Skye Reveals Her Best-Kept Beauty Secret
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Justine Skye Reveals Her Best-Kept Beauty Secret

We recently got word from our government that the stay-at-home order will be lifted and many businesses will be allowed to reopen at the beginning of next month.

Be that as it may, I plan to stay my Black ass in the house for the time being, giving me even more time to prepare for the hot girl summer I deserve—and in Vogue's latest episode of Beauty Secrets, Justine Skye dropped a few tips that will allow you to perfect your beat just in time to go back outside.

According to Justine, her love for all things beauty and skincare evolved early-on, beginning with her journey as a Tumblr girl. She explained:

Justine Skye's Guide to Green Eyeshadow & Her True Beauty Secret | Beauty Secrets | Voguewww.youtube.com

"I got started on the internet. I was a Tumblr girl, so I was just experimenting, being myself."

In her tutorial, Justine also revealed a top secret skincare secret that she swears by. The singer, who says she isn't a fan of waxing or threading, says she uses Olay's 2-step hair removal kit as a means to get her mustache all the way together. Justine shared:

"I've actually never said this to anyone."

Along with her coveted hair removal hack, Justine advised that her Caudalie Paris Beauty Elixir and KNC Beauty All-Natural Retinol-Infused Eye Patches are the self-care must-haves you didn't know you needed.

"Every time I'm getting my makeup done, I like to throw [them] on there to get rid of all the puffiness. And they're just cute!"

For Justine's full beauty routine, scroll below!

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Featured image by Instagram/@justineskye.



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