Jeannie Mai Jenkins Says Daughter Monaco Is Her ‘North Star' Amid Divorce From Jeezy
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Jeannie Mai Jenkins Says Daughter Monaco Is Her ‘North Star' Amid Divorce From Jeezy

There’s nothing sweeter than the bond between a mother and daughter. And for TV personality Jeannie Mai Jenkins, her greatest support while navigating her recent divorce has come in the smallest package: her daughter, Monaco.

The former co-host of The Real joined Sherri Shepherd on her talk show recently to share appreciation for her 1-year-old daughter, who she says has been her “North Star” amid her ongoing divorce proceedings with Jeezy.

“Monaco? That is my North Star," Jeannie shared. "And I can definitely tell you that I don't know if I would handle this the same way without her.”

"Because today, I'm able to look at her, and I can say, 'What would I advise you if you were in my shoes?' And it changes everything. So I'm so thankful to be a mom, and I'm thankful to have her.”

Jeannie described the special connection she and her daughter share, adding that they have a unique dance that symbolizes their bond, and even in the distant future, she anticipates maintaining this connection.

“But every so often, she looks at me, and she's like, ‘Where you been? I've been missing you,’” Jeannie added. “And we have this dance... You can already picture it. If we're at the club 20 years from now, I don't know! But, that is my everything, and we have that vibe, and we see each other, and she knows I got her.”

Having gone through a similar experience during her divorce from her ex-husband, Jeff Tarpley, Sherri expressed her gratitude for the support of her son during the challenging time. “You go through stuff like this, and you look at your child, and you go, ‘Thank you for this gift because I needed this gift right now.’”

In September, Jeezy filed for divorce in Atlanta. The documents stated that he and Mai are "currently living in a bona fide state of separation."

On October 12, Mai Jenkins broke her silence following the news of her divorce with an Instagram post of a handwritten note that read, “Sometimes, you need to take a break and disconnect, to heal.”

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