Never Been Waxed? Here Are Five Things To Know When Transitioning From Shaving

Never Been Waxed? Here Are Five Things To Know When Transitioning From Shaving


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If shaving has been your go-to method of hair removal up until now, and you're thinking about making the switch to waxing, you might have a few questions. "It is going to be painful?" and "how often will I need to wax?" are common among them. For those who have never been blessed by the hands of a professional waxer before, it's completely normal to be equal parts curious and nervous (been there!) about how your first session will go. But know that it's oh so worth it! Before you break up with your razor and move over to smoother pastures, here are five things to know before you switch from shaving to waxing.

1) Stop Shaving Two Weeks Before Your First Wax

The most essential part of beginning your waxing journey is to let your hair grow out long enough to ensure you're getting the best result from your waxing service. Wax experts at European Wax Center recommend that you stop shaving at least two weeks before your very first wax. The reason? You want the hair to be the length of a grain of rice (especially when it comes to the bikini area.) This allows the wax to properly grip the hair. If it's not there yet, wait a little while and schedule your wax appointment for a future date.

2) Be Great and Exfoliate!

No seriously, we can't stress this enough. Exfoliation is the key to a successful wax. Not only does it remove dead skin cells pre-wax, but it's also a great method for preventing ingrown hairs (more on that soon!) If you're in the market for something to kick your exfoliation game up a notch, or you just don't know where to start, add some new products into your shower routine. This gentle exfoliating gel with calming ingredients like aloe and vitamin E will soothe your skin while fruit enzymes eat away at dead skin cells effectively prepping the area you plan to wax. You can also grab a pair of exfoliating mitts for a more targeted approach. These are great, because you can throw them in the washing machine every 3-4 uses

3) Make Water Your Best Friend

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only does it help carry nutrients to your cells and aid in digestion, but it keeps the skin (your biggest organ) supple and healthy. Drinking plenty of water pre-and post-wax will help guarantee a more comfortable wax and smoother-feeling skin in the area you choose to wax. To ensure your skin stays hydrated, look for moisturizers that will not clog pores like this shea body butter.

4) Stop and Put Down The Razor!

We get it. Shaving as a hair removal method can be convenient and quick, especially if you've got somewhere important to be. However, before you pick up that razor, take a second to reconsider! Shaving in between waxes is not recommended, and for several reasons. Unlike shaving which cuts the hair right at the surface of your skin, waxing pulls the hair out from the root. Because of this, waxing causes the hair to grow back slower and the texture of the hair in that area usually becomes softer over time. When you shave in between waxes, you are pretty much reversing all of the benefits of waxing plus causing further irritation to the area. And believe me, waxing the stubble left over from the razor will be more painful than if you were to leave it alone. So after your first wax, it's important to stay the course and remain razor free until your next appointment.

5) Patience, Grasshopper

Waxing is best thought of as a journey, not a one-off experience. The more you wax, the more changes you will see in the texture and growth pattern of your hair. Keep in mind that you may not get a totally smooth underarm, leg, or bikini area on your very first wax. That's because starting out, your hair will be in different phases of growth. European Wax Center's experts advise their clients that the third wax will usually be your best wax. With consistency and proper home care, your wax appointments will become more comfortable and will reveal nothing but radiant skin. Stick with it, sis!

Thinking about taking the plunge and booking your first wax? Visit waxcenter.com to book a reservation with a wax specialist near you. Your first wax is on the house!

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