4 Badass Boss Babes Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following


You've probably noticed an increase in the number of emerging entrepreneurs on social media; and an even bigger increase in the category of self-proclaimed gurus and coaches. I feel that it is imperative that you are conscious of the accounts you follow and whom you take advice from.

It's important that the people you are looking to for guidance actually walk their talk.

I need to listen to people that look like me and understand the common plights as a women of color. The fluffy quotes are cute, but the accounts that cover the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship are the ones that will really inspire you to take action on your dreams.

Click through the gallery below for my condensed list of Badass Boss Babes You Should Be Following on the Gram, and learn about their biggest struggles in building their business.

1. Fatou Barry – The PR Girl Manifesto

Fatou Barry created her digital community that focuses on bridging the gap for aspiring communication professionals, The PR Girl Manifesto (PRGM), at the young age of 25 in true millennial style. The business focuses on leveraging intentional design, PR and digital marketing. They provide support to their online community via mentorships, workshops, and digital Q & A sessions. Some of the notable brands that PRGM has been able to support include D'usse, Rocawear, Marc Ecko, & Combs Enterprises.

Her Biggest Struggle in Building Her Business

"The biggest pain-point for me was monetizing the PR Girl Manifesto brand without alienating the initial community we had created. It's now a trend for online platforms to monetize their businesses from the start, but when I started, I was more focused on providing knowledge and resources and less on generating a cash-flow.

8,000 followers later and the addition of employees, I needed to associate a cost to the value we were providing, and had to be very CREATIVE about it. This is where the idea of billable courses, consulting, and PR/Digital Marketing services came in. This allowed me to introduce new facets to the company framework without compromising the foundation that we had garnered so much of our community from."

Who are some boss babes that spark your drive and ambition? Drop their handles below!

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