Credit Karma, Money Shame & Self-Worth

Credit Karma, Money Shame & Self-Worth

As women, we often keep it real about everything except for our bank accounts. We desire prosperity but operate with a broke mindset, and sometimes tie material things like a house, a car, and even getting our hair and nails done to our self-worth. Not to mention that social media has us showcasing our wins and not the journey it took to get there.

On this episode the xoNecole Happy Hour hosts spill the tea on everything from their finances and credit scores, to dealing with money shame in the digital age and keeping up with the Joneses. Necole shares her story of how she spent $30,000 in one year as a celebrity gossip blogger in an attempt to stay "glammed up," and the sacrifices she is now making to tackle her tax debt, while Amer talks her change in lifestyle after losing her six-figure job. And Sheriden explains how she's taking strides to improve her credit while also revealing that a man's salary is low on her tier when it comes to choosing a partner.

You'll also learn about some of their favorite resources to help transform your money habits and keep you inspired on the road to financial freedom.

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Lizzo Taught Us Her Go-To Makeup Routine For A Simple Everyday Beat

Lizzo is taking her stab at being a beauty influencer. Well, kinda.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, the "About Damn Time" singer showed fans how she does her own semi-full face beat after "giving her makeup artist the day off" and inviting fans to apply makeup with her. She opened the video with a bare face, sharing, "I'm excited 'cause I just bought a bunch of cool new stuff, so I think I'm gonna try to give myself a semi-full face beat,...semi, as in do a little...and we might even do a lash."