Cam Newton On Telling Girlfriend Jasmin Brown About His Sex Addiction And How They Were Able To Heal Together
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Cam Newton On Telling Girlfriend Jasmin Brown About His Sex Addiction And How They Were Able To Heal Together

Cam Newton is giving us a little more insight into what made girlfriend Jasmin Brown the one. The couple, who recently announced they were pregnant, are pretty lowkey, but every now and then, the NFL star-turned-podcaster will open up about their relationship on his podcast Funky Friday, and during his recent interview with Chrisean Rock, he shared how the comedian allowed him to feel safe and be transparent about something he was going through.

“I told her from day one I was like, yo, I think I have a sex addiction,” the former Carolina Panthers quarterback revealed. “I’ve had sex with a lot of women, so you gotta bear with me to understand me. No woman has ever wanted to understand.”

He explained that it was something he dealt with by himself as he typically dealt with a lot of things alone, and so he was surprised that Jasmin was willing to talk him through it.

“I had to figure out myself and identify, so it took me a long time to realize, like, bro, I think I got an addiction. It was more or less, I don’t drink. I don’t smoke,” he said. “I have a addictive personality and challenge, very like you what I’m saying, bravado, broad shoulders, and anytime I see a woman, it’s like the challenge for me is yo, I bet I can.”

He continued, “It took patience and, most of all, communication, and I never was with a person who really wanted to know why, and I was blown away like you really want to know?”

Earlier in the interview, Cam shared that he was excited about the new baby and called Jasmin a "helluva woman." He is a known family man and has seven kids and shared that one of the first things he told the content creator when they began dating was that his family was the most important thing to him. He even waited two years before she met his kids.

But now everyone has met and he says everyone is getting along. This will be Jasmin’s first baby and Cam’s eighth.

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