Jasmin Brown Has This To Say About The Criticism Over Her Relationship With Cam Newton
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Jasmin Brown Has This To Say About The Criticism Over Her Relationship With Cam Newton

Cam Newton and Jasmin Brown’s relationship has been a hot topic ever since news broke that they were dating more than a year ago. The comedian first opened up about her relationship with the former Carolina Panthers quarterback on the Lovers and Friends podcast, which caused an online debate about what it means to be submissive in a relationship. Since then, Jasmin, aka Watch Jazzy, has announced her pregnancy and sarcastically named her comedy tour Third Times a Charm, as Cam already shares children with two other women.

The Zatima actress opened up her tour in Charlotte and rocked her boo’s Panthers jersey on stage, and addressed the hoopla circling her pregnancy. “If y’all don’t know, I’m the third one, and this is his sixth child,” she said in a clip she shared on her Instagram. “Someone said, ooh, right, couldn’t of been me, aight until a rich nigga put that pressure on you.”

She continued as the crowd erupted into laughter, “I could never be with nobody, okay, until a $100 million nigga start putting that pressure on you. You don’t know what the fuck you gonna do.”

Cam has shared intimate details about their partnership on his podcast Funky Friday, revealing that they have a strong bond and talk about everything together. "We had our day. I like talking. We're in tune. I'm so in tune that there's nothing we can't talk about," he said. "I think that's what's most important. There's no hiding, nothing. You know I don't go through phones. I don't do that. The thing is for me, I know my partner so much, that I have to know triggers that uh uh, she ain't right."

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