Tika Sumpter Talk Mental Health And Instilling Self-Love In Her Daughter
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Tika Sumpter Talk Mental Health And Instilling Self-Love In Her Daughter

For someone like Tika Sumpter who is busy being a working actress, mother, wife, and businesswoman, finding personal time can be tough. But the Nobody’s Fool star makes herself a priority. In an interview with Yahoo Life, Tika shared how she manages time for herself even if that means taking a “bath in the middle of the day.” It doesn’t hurt that she has a very supportive husband who helps relieve some of that stress. In May, Tika married her The Haves and Haves Not co-star Nick James and they share a 5-year-old daughter named Ella-Loren.

“I totally took the pressure off of me, motherhood-wise. Like, I said, 'Okay, I'm not going to live up to every standard that has been put in our past, like being there all the time, in every moment,'" she revealed.

She added, "I have an amazing husband, who is very involved with our child and so I allow him to be a dad."

When she’s back in mother mode, she likes to instill powerful words of affirmation about self-love and positivity in her daughter.

“Since she was a little girl I started being like, 'I am intelligent,' and she goes, 'I am intelligent, I am beautiful,' all those things," she said. "I just want to put all the positive goodness in her head, that she is all these things, so that when the world tells her she's not, the self-talk automatically goes back to 'I know I am these things that my mother and father instilled in me.'"

The newlywed has also been on a personal journey to wellness and co-created Sugaberry, a media company focusing on Black women’s mental health. One of the ways that Tika checks in with her mental health is by meditating which is also something she says her daughter has picked up on. "She saw me meditate and now she created an 'office' where she takes me in to meditate. She walks me through talking meditations… I'm like, nobody's gonna believe me," she said.

The 42-year-old actress co-founded Sugaberry with Thai Randolph who is the President and COO of Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud company and Hartbeat Productions. She shared why it was essential to create a mental wellness platform for Black women.

"I think for so long, especially Black women always hold up everybody else, and we forget about ourselves. And so I think when women in sisterhood tell each other it's okay to let go for a while, there's something about giving somebody permission," explained.

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