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These 5 Celebs Are Inspiring Our Glute Growth

When it comes to our fitness journeys, sculpting our dream derrieres is top priority.

The glutes not only give us the frame of our “summertime fine” fitness goals, but are crucial for overall strength, stability, and athletic performance. These muscles play a vital role in numerous activities, from walking and running to lifting and jumping. From stabilizing the pelvis to supporting lower back health, and enhancing our athletic performance, a well-developed gluteus maximus contributes to a balanced physique.

Scrolling on social media, it’s easy to draw inspiration from celebrities who have achieved the perfect peach. Typically, we get lucky enough to catch a glimpse into the workouts and exercises that get them to achieve their glute growth — and let’s just say, it’s the perfect motivation to take your lower-body days to the next level.

It takes hard work and consistency, but with the glute-focused routine and these celebrity motivations, you’ll be on your way to achieving you — in no time.

Tracee Ellis Ross

It’s safe to say that we want to be Tracee Ellis Ross when we grow up. She’s the queen of poolside bikini moments and kicking butt at her Tracy Anderson classes. She’s never shy about showcasing her progress photos, and her consistency and playful approach to fitness keeps us motivated.

TRY THIS: Pilates Leg Circles

Targeting: Gluteus medius and minimus.

How To: Lie on your side, extend your top leg, and make small circles in the air.

TRY THIS: Leg Lifts

Targeting: Glutes, lower back.

How To: On all fours, lift one leg behind you, keeping it straight, then lower.

Meg Thee Stallion

The Houston Hottie is the perfect example of how hard work can produce impressive glutes. She often shares glimpses of her workouts on social media, highlighting exercises such as kickbacks, hip thrusts, and sumo squats. And we can’t help but to take notes.

TRY THIS: Sumo Squats

Targeting: Glutes, inner thighs.

How To: Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width, toes pointed out, squat down, and rise up.

TRY THIS: Deadlifts

Targeting: Glutes, hamstrings, lower back.

How To: With a straight back, lower the barbell to the floor by bending at the hips, then stand back up.

Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét has given us gym bangers like “Ass Like That” and “On My Mama” to affirm that we do — in fact — look fly and look good. Seeing her and her partner take on the gym together not only shows us that dedication is key, but that sometimes a gym buddy can get us to the goals we desire.

TRY THIS: Single-Leg Deadlifts

Targeting: Glutes, hamstrings.

How To: Stand on one leg, bend at the hips, and lower the weights while extending the other leg back.

TRY THIS: Kettlebell Swings

Targeting: Glutes, hamstrings.

How To: Swing a kettlebell between your legs and up to shoulder height using hip thrusts.


@Victoria Monét album dropped today!!! Yall go run it up #gainsbygaines #victoriamonet #onmymama #jaguar #newmusicfriday


Kelis is the queen of an all-natural, fitness inspo. Known for her curvy figure, Kelis is not only our fitness goal because of her physique, but because her chef background gives her a unique perspective on nutrition that fuels her workouts.

TRY THIS: Jump Squats

Targeting: Glutes, quads.

How To: Perform a squat and jump up explosively, landing back into a squat.

TRY THIS: Weighted Squats

Targeting: Gluteus maximus, quadriceps.

How To: Hold a barbell on your shoulders, squat down, and stand up.

Chloe Bailey

When Chloe Bailey drops a new selfie or video, it’s guaranteed to break the internet. The singer isn’t just dedicated to her craft, but her commitment to fitness is evident.

TRY THIS: Cable Kickbacks

Targeting: Gluteus maximus.

How To: On all fours, kick one leg back and up, then return.

TRY THIS: Hip Thrusts

Targeting: Glutes, hamstrings.

How To: Sit with your upper back on a bench, feet flat, and lift hips while squeezing glutes, and lower.


putting in that work 💪🏾

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