Style Inspo Alert: How Sasha Obama Slays The Earthy Black Girl Aesthetic
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Style Inspo Alert: How Sasha Obama Slays The Earthy Black Girl Aesthetic

The fashion world can be a quick turn with an endless carousel of “trends,” often leaving many to feel more branded than personal when discussing their style. And that’s why many of us love nothing more than a person rooted in their own individual style, such as Sasha Obama - a recent graduate of USC and former President Obama’s youngest daughter.

Famously private and often captured with their famous parents, Sasha and Malia have made a name for themselves on the style streets, respective of each other. The less preppy of the stylish duo, Sasha Obama, is blazing a style run for the president of the earthy girl aesthetic. She’s been a pioneer for Gen Z since 2009 as the first white house resident to be born in the 21st century.

This trend is reminiscent of its 70s counterpart, but the girls are elevating it with a modern twist.

An Earthy Girl in a 21st Century World


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Let’s take a step back and reevaluate what it means to be an earthy girl of the 21st century. This aesthetic relies on other sensory cues than just visual ones; it’s embodied in each of the five senses. It sounds like birds singing a sweet melody on a dewy morning, a soft vocal against an ascending guitar string, or the innocent whisper of ancient trees swishing in the wind. It feels like digging your toes in the fresh white sand, a ray of sunshine on your face during a dark day, or the comfortable cocoon of self-love. It smells of vanilla oils and dimly lit candles in the distance, everything wonderful that Mother Nature has to offer. This aesthetic is more than a trend on an app; it’s a lifestyle, hun.

Although there are strong elements of softness throughout the earthy girl aesthetic, it is as far from quiet luxury as possible. An ode to ease, sensibility, and mother nature are the key components in mastering this trend. Oh, and jewelry. A plethora of mixed metals and succulent gems, to be exact. The more, the better. It’s less seasonal and more intentional, incorporating more textures, prints, and layers than other style genres.

While this often gets confused with “boho chic,” taking a closer glance at the origins of the lifestyle will point out the key differences. Boho chic was founded as a counterculture following the French Revolution, whereas this style stands alone. It’s more concentrated on incorporating certain tones, hues, and fabrics to create a soft but grounded life. This style embraces form-fitting silhouettes as opposed to the key element of boho chic, the lampshade tunic.

If you find yourself wanting to tap into your inner earthy girl this season or simply want to incorporate more earthy elements into your everyday wardrobe, keep reading.

The Elements of the Earthy Girl Aesthetic


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It's Giving Body: Form-Fitting Silhouettes 

If the earth girl style aesthetic is nothing else, it’s going to exude sex appeal due to its founding principle of a romance with mother nature.

By reaching for form-fitting fabrics with hints of lace, fringe, or any sort of light texture, one is easily and infinitely closer to mastering this style.

Mid-to-Low Rise Pants 

It’s time to retire those high-rise and opt for something with a looser fit, like mid or low-rise trousers. Even though it’s a comeback trend for Gen Z, this is a staple item for a tried and true earthy girl. The lady-like drape of the trousers is a strong element represented in all aspects of the aesthetic.



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Floor-sweeping skirts and dresses can be a noticeable way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. If approached correctly, this length can be sensual and alluring, especially when accompanied by an above-the-knee split or delicate cropped top.

Oversized and Open Layers 

For any colder climates, additional layers are needed, but that doesn’t mean the rules are neglected. If denim suffices, opt for an oversized version to accentuate the form-fitting pieces. If you need something warmer, any oversized knitted or wool item would add the cuddliest bow to your perfect outfit.

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