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From TikTok Breakthrough To Sold-Out Success: Stormi Steele Spills Tea On Dominating The Digital Market

In a world where going viral holds a lot of weight in the content creation space, many creators and brands strive for the coveted title, but not everyone can have that impact. Stormi Steele did what many brands struggle to do: create a product that resonates with its target audience, has ingenious packaging, and sells out.

After founding Canvas Beauty in 2018, the entrepreneur expanded her brand, which was known for selling hair care products, and introduced a body butter that has had TikTok in a chokehold. The Body Glaze was Canvas Beauty’s first product on TikTok Shop, and now it's the number one selling product on the platform after going viral.

“It's surreal, honestly, and I'm really thankful for this moment,” Stormi tells xoNecole. “As far as it finally going viral, I wouldn't say that I thought it would, but I believed that it would. Like even when I was making videos, I kept telling everybody, 'I'm gonna go viral on TikTok. I'm gonna go viral on TikTok.' Even when I came up with the idea and the packaging for the Body Glaze, I did it from a mindset of I wanted it to be viral, like I want it to catch on. Like the way it feels, the way it works, the way it looks, it’s aesthetic. So, I went in with the intention and the belief that that was for me.”

And there’s more where that came from. The Love and Marriage: Huntsville reality star is expanding Canvas Beauty by including cosmetics and possibly products for the home. While she will still use TikTok, Stormi is also looking to create long-form content on YouTube. Stormi says Canvas Beauty is a lifestyle brand and will continue to listen to its customers to fulfill their needs. “I feel like just by listening to the consumer and becoming and building this lifestyle brand like we're just gonna slowly enter, you know, home spaces. Cosmetics,” she reveals. “Me and my colleague, we were talking about skincare just last night, so there's a lot of things that we have in the works because I really want to bring products to the market that [are] for a person's entire 'canvas,' like anything that is canvas-related.”

After seeing astronomical success with Body Glaze on TikTok, Stormi is paying it forward by sharing her four tips on how to market products on the popular platform.


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Stormi’s first tip is storytelling because, according to her, people enjoy watching your journey. “TikTok is like one of the most friendliest platforms [when] it comes to just people and authenticity,” she says. “So I will tell an entrepreneur, especially if they're hands-on with their brand, like show people the heart behind it, story-tell.”

Build a Community Versus Selling

While selling products is the name of the game for any product-based business, the Canvas Beauty CEO shares the best way to do it. “Behind the scenes [is] always great and focus on like building a community and not more so just selling a product. So for us, like, I was selling the product, but I wasn’t saying like, ‘oh, go buy this’ or ‘buy this,’” she explains.

“I'm more so taking people on a journey with the growth of our brand and I think people resonate with that more so than, you know, just saying sell, sell, sell, and TikTok platform is very conducive to very like low-fi and just organic, real content.”

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Authenticity is Key

Stormi implores that sharing your journey is optimal for growing your brand on TikTok, and one of the ways to do that is by being authentic. “I would tell people, you don't have to overthink it. You don't have to think ‘Oh, I don't have this type of aesthetic’ or ‘I don't have this type of setup’ because it's (TikTok) very friendly to the growing and scaling entrepreneur,” Stormi says.

“So like realistic type of content, not the type of content that's like, you know, like overly glamorized people just love to see people in their journey. So I would tell any entrepreneur, especially if you're hands-on, you’re the face of your brand, just show your journey, tell your story. And this is the one platform that highlights that and celebrates that.”

Don’t Count Yourself Out

Last but not least, the hairstylist turned beauty entrepreneur encourages others not to get discouraged. “Don't ever think that even if you're a small business, what you're doing is not big enough because it's big enough to someone, and on the TikTok platform, it’s like so perfect for the Gen-Z audience,” she explains. “They love to see that type of stuff.”

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