The end of summer is rapidly approaching, and you may be feeling like you haven't really had a chance to live out your travel wishlist.

This moment in time happens to all of us at some point. Maybe your schedule's been so jam-packed with other obligations that time got away. Or, perhaps you've recently moved to this new subdivision of Adultsville that requires you to live so fiscally responsible that your dream vacation just doesn't fit into the budget this year. If you happen to be in this category, never fear, hacks to step your savings game up are here.

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Check out these suggestions for racking up quick coins for the last-minute trip you deserve:

1. Closet Purge

One of the quickest ways to make money is by doing a closet purge. Be honest with yourself about whether you'll really ever rewear that dress you bought five years ago. If the answer is "probably not," put it in a pile with other gently used clothes that are taking up valuable closet space. Trade them in for cash at your nearest consignment shop. My favorites are Plato's Closet and Clothing Mentor. These stores give you money on the spot, rather than issuing payment after your items sale. Last month, I made nearly $400 by getting rid of a ton of clothes I no longer use. That goes a long way toward a vacation fund.

Bonus tip: If you're really ambitious, you could host a virtual garage sale by posting home décor, appliances, and electronics to sites like Items generally go quick and the profit adds up more than you might think.

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