Lizzo Says Money Doesn't Buy Happiness: "You Have To Do The Inner Work"

Fame and money is cool, but it doesn't replace the need to do the work.


I don't know who needs to hear this, but money can't buy you happiness like it can help you pay bills. And while your quality of life can increase by the extra dollars or the M's that line your bank account, it is not the end all be all when it comes to your overall well-being, especially your mental and emotional health. A celebrity who recently took us to church with that truth is the reigning twerk queen herself, Lizzo.

The singer/rapper has lit up the scene since her breakout hit "Truth Hurts". Lizzo has reaped the rewards of seeds sown through years of hard work and racked up her fair share of accolades all the while showing the world the power of showing up as your most authentic self. Her latest revelation to the public is no different. Lizzo took to TikTok to share that fame and money is cool, but it doesn't replace the need to do the inner work, especially in the pursuit of happiness.

"You can be the coolest, most richest person ever and it doesn't buy you fucking happiness. Money doesn't buy you happiness. Fame only puts a magnifying glass on the shit that you already have. And if that shit is fucked up, you're just going to have even more magnified fucked up shit in situations where it doesn't even seem valid or like you're even supposed to feel that way so it fucks you up even more because you feel so unfucking grateful."

Misery doesn't discriminate, and it damn sure doesn't care if you have wealth or fame to your name. When it comes to happiness, a lot of us love to erroneously believe that the cause of it are things outside of us. In reality, our unhappiness has little do with money and everything to do with our lack of putting in the necessary work to cultivate happiness within ourselves for ourselves.

Self-help might be the wave, but a part of shedding old skin is also healing what's within. Quitting that job you hate, leaving that circle of friends that drain you, establishing boundaries with toxic family members, scheduling a d*ck appointment, or moving to a new city to start a new life won't do anything for you if you haven't addressed the real problem in your life. Nine times out of ten, it's the one person you can never get away from: you.

"Anyone who has like internal issues or has any type of self-problems that they need to work out, work [it] out now because money, fame or success, or even getting older doesn't really fix that shit. You need to just do it. Do the inner work. Do the inner work because no matter where you are, it's always going to haunt you like a fucking ghost.
"And I'm working on it too, but today is just not a good day. I just want everybody to know that it's OK not to have a good day even when it seems like you should."

While the self-love advocate can typically be heard asking us to 'scuse her while she feels herself (gratuitous butt pics on her Instagram included), she also serves as a reminder that sometimes you aren't feeling yourself and that's OK.

Happiness is a journey after all, not a destination.

Featured image by Instagram/Lizzobeeating

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