Lauren London Honors Nipsey Hussle & Their Love Story In New Puma Campaign

The actress commemorates the rapper's legacy in a touching video that will give you all the feels.

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Last year, the world lost a legend. Not only did the rap industry lose an iconic wordsmith, but the Los Angeles business world lost one of the most philanthropic entrepreneurs that ever touched the game.

As much as the world lost when Nipsey Hussle was tragically murdered earlier this year, Lauren London and the rest of the Family Hussle lost even more. In her latest campaign with Puma, Lauren paid tribute to her longtime partner in a touching video that will give you all the feels. In the video, the 35-year-old mother of two recites a poem written by Nipsey's sister, Samantha Smith. The poem reads:

"Pain is the light, pain is insight. The body hurts but the spirit grows. The flesh is starving while wisdom overflows. I got a question only Lord knows: Does life birth us twice?"

In September, Puma released their posthumous collaboration with Nipsey Hussle's brand, TMC, and their latest project with Lauren was developed to "signify the continuation of her marathon" with Forever Stronger.

While Lauren is making moves to secure a bag and a new beginning after her longtime partner's death, the actress says she still hasn't had the time or space to truly process her loss. In a recent article published by GQ, Lauren revealed that one of the hardest parts has been seeing their three-year-old son, Kross, grow up without a father who loved him so dearly:

"I can't talk about our last day together, and I still have to be strong for my children. I have a three-year-old that's still asking, 'Where is Daddy?' He doesn't understand the concept of death."

Although Lauren couldn't bring herself to talk about the last time that they spent together, she did share that he bought her something that they both loved before he passed:

"A couple days before he passed, he bought me three books. One was a book about parenting. He loved 'Power vs. Force'. He swore on that book and got a lot of game from it. I mean, between he and I, we damn near had a library."

In her interview, Lauren also gave us an in-depth glimpse about what really went on behind the scenes of that iconic GQ shoot in Crenshaw:

"We were in the bathroom putting on our clothes, and all of it was music-video, model-esque clothing. I'm like, 'I can't fit in anything, I'm overweight.' This was the first time I was taking pictures after the baby. And he's like, 'You're beautiful, I'm gonna make this work. Don't trip, Boog. Keep your energy up.'"

She went on to confirm that Nipsey was exactly the type of man we all thought he was—the kind who was there to both make her tea and make her feel beautiful at moments of insecurity.

"So he comes out and was like, 'We gotta get her right.' So they set up another fitting for me, later that day. Me and him stayed in the area, went out to eat, and sat in the car and talked until the fitting. I'm all nervous like, 'I hope these clothes fit.' He was so supportive—like making tea for me—and he sat through my whole fitting. Every time I would come out in new clothes, he would clap: 'Look at how fly you look. You gonna kill it.'"

I don't know who's cutting onions in here, but if you want to check out the full clip, click below. Just make sure you grab a few tissues first, sis.

PUMA x Lauren London "Forever Stronger" youtu.be

Featured image by Instagram/@LaurenLondon.

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