Larenz Tate Recalls Meeting His Wife After Being Jamie Foxx's Wingman At A Party
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Larenz Tate Recalls Meeting His Wife After Being Jamie Foxx's Wingman At A Party

Veteran actor Larenz Tate recently revealed the unlikely and heartwarming way he met his wife, Tomasina Tate, with the assistance of his longtime friend, Jamie Foxx.

The couple, who live a relatively private life aside from occasionally attending some red-carpet events, have been together for over two decades and share four sons, Miles, Zander, and Zion Tate. The identity of Larenz and Tomasina's fourth son hasn’t been publicly released.

In an interview with Buzzfeed's Cocoa Butter, the 47-year-old shared that he met Tomasina in 2000 when Jamie was throwing a party in Oakland, California, for NBA All-Star Weekend. During the June discussion, Larenz disclosed that at the event, Jamie was set to link up with a woman he invited to the party and needed a wingman because she brought a friend, which happened to be Tomasina.

Although the Love Jones star was initially apprehensive, he decided to speak to Tomasina. The pair got along so well that they exchanged numbers at the end of the night, and the rest is history.

"Jamie had a party, there was someone he was going to meet that he invited, and she had a friend. Foxx was like, 'Look, I need you to be a wingman and entertain her.' I was like, 'Bro, I ain't your wingman knock it off,'" he said. "That friend would ultimately become the person that I spend my life journey with as my wife. Twenty-three years ago."

In honor of Larenz and Tomasina's love story and 23-year romance, xoNecole looks back at the important events that occurred in their lives since they met that fateful day at Jamie's party and how they have maintained their loving bond over the years.

Relationship Timeline


In 2000, Larenz and Tomasina met at Jamie Foxx's All-Star Party in Oakland, California. The couple began dating shortly after exchanging information and frequently seeing each other whenever Tomasina was in town.


After six years of dating, the couple welcomed their first son Miles Tate in July 2006. Four months later, Larenz and Tomasina officially tied the knot on November 30, 2006.


In 2008, the Tates expanded their family once again following the birth of their second son Zander Tate in June 2008.


Larenz and Tomasina welcomed their third son Zion Tate in 2013. Although there are limited details regarding Zion's official date of birth, many outlets report that he was allegedly born in November of that year.


In 2016, the couple reached a milestone in their relationship as they commemorated their tenth wedding anniversary.


Nearly two years following the joyous occasion, Larenz and Tomasina's love appears to be still going strong because in August 2018, their close friend Kristen Bellamy, wife to comedian Bill Bellamy, shared that the pair were expecting their fourth son. So far, Larenz and Tomasina's son's name and date of birth have yet to be released to the public.

Larenz On Maintaining His 23-Year Union With Tomasina

Although, for the most part, Larenz and Tomasina's relationship has been away from the spotlight to maintain their privacy, the Power star did share that showing affection is the secret to keeping their love alive after more than two decades.

In the same interview with Buzzfeed's Cocoa Butter, Larenz revealed one of the ways he expresses his love to Tomasina while talking to his sons about the importance of healthy relationships and how to implement them.

"I always talk to my kids about that. I say, 'Who's the most affectionate between me and mommy?' They're like, 'Ugh, dad,'" he stated.

"Because what I want them to see is that's something that's genuine. But I think it's important for them to see a man express hisself to a woman with emotion, love, and affection. So, you got to be affectionate to your lady. We're driving in the car, and we taking our kids to school. I might just tell her she's the sunshine no matter what."

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