Keri Hilson Says 'Hell Nah' To Waiting To Have Sex Before Marriage

"Next question."

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Keri Hilson has been drinking her water and minding her business, not bothering anyone, which we love to see. Every now and then, she comes up for air to share a few gems with the culture, as her fresh take on the topics of dating, love, and men are always one for conversation. We don't ask questions, we just know when she speaks, we listen.

So, while out promoting her newest Lifetime movie, Lust, naturally, the subject came up. Lust, which is about a woman who is planning to marry her soulmate, but secretly falls for an ill-intentioned best man, was the perfect moment to take the time to discuss the Grammy-nominated singer's take on love and marriage. But when asked if she believed in waiting for marriage to test the "ride" of her future husband, Miss Keri Baby was like...wait?! For the D? Hell nah!

"Nope, it's not realistic. That's easy, next question," she says as she laughs.

She continues:

"Life is what you make it, whatever it is you value, whatever you're after. I don't think many people are doing that, but kudos to those that are and I hope that you, on either side of the equation, I hope that whatever it is that you're seeking, whether doing it or not doing it, I hope it turns out exactly the way you're expecting. Um, I don't know many people who have waited for marriage, um..."

It was the laughs during the entire answer for me.

Sis said, it's nice if you wait, but Keri got cars to test drive! The interview also touches on the fact that, like her character, she has absolutely been tempted.

"Temptation is a part of life. You know there's no man or woman walking this earth that's not tempted. Maybe the frequency changes, but yeah, you're not human if you're not tempted by something at some point."

In the past, Hilson's views on sex, love, and marriage has often made headlines, as she's previously said the she loves her space enough to live in separate houses from her future husbae. She's also said that if she ever gets married, you won't everrrr have to question if that person is the one:

"Sure I'd like to be married someday—but not enough to do it with the wrong person. So if you EVA see 'Keri' walk down that aisle, even if I'm old & grey…you can rest assured—I didn't settle."

I heard that, queen!

Although Keri may be on her own journey, she is more than OK with being by herself until he comes along. When asked if her standards were too high, she got a commenter together with a quick read:

"To have a man compliment my life, who is equally yoked in the things that MATTER like loyalty, virtue, depth, compassion, and love and respect for God, someone who understands healthy relational boundaries and pushes me to be my best self while supporting each other's dreams? Someone who has evolved from his lower self and constantly evolving? Someone who has learned his lessons and strives to be a great human being? Someone who holds my heart carefully and treats me well? Who is wise enough to lead me? Nah. And I don't think God puts anything in our hearts that we are not capable of having."

So, Keri is good. And she doesn't mind waiting on her Boaz. And that's what's realistic to her, which is how it should be for all of us.

Watch the clip below:

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