Kelly Rowland Reveals Losing Her Mother Inspired A Complete Lifestyle Transformation

The most inevitably heartbreaking thing in the world is the loss of a parent.

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The most inevitably heartbreaking thing in the world is the loss of a parent.

Although I am fortunate enough to have had both of my parents throughout my 20s, I can't help but think of the things they'll miss out on if they're taken from me too soon. Important moments like jumping the broom, giving birth, and raising children seem all the more intimidating knowing that my mom won't be there, and Kelly Rowland is living this experience firsthand.

The 38-year-old singer gave birth to her now four-year-old son Titan a month before her mother died and says that although the hurt doesn't seem to get easier, her loss has been a catalyst in her transformation. She recently told Romper:

"I changed my whole life after that, as you can imagine."

Grateful that Titan got to share four amazing weeks with his grandmother before her death, this time in Kelly's life was pivotal. She explained that while she was ending a chapter of her life that she shared with her mother, she was beginning a brand new chapter as a mother:

"I knew I was his first example of everything, and it's changed everything. Completely changed everything. I used to think people were so corny for saying that, and now I'm one of those people — but he completely changed my life and changed my outlook on things. My outlook on self, my outlook on life, my outlook on everything, and he will never know how he saved me."

As a result of her loss and newfound position as Mommy in Chief, Kelly says that she made the decision to level up her lifestyle in a major way. This included changing the way she ate, lived, and found balance in her everyday life. Now, as a part of wellness campaigns for brands like Fabletics and Cheerios, Kelly is on a mission to help other women to reclaim their lives, too.

"I just talk about it ... to any and everybody who will listen basically. I think it's important that we educate ourselves and educate each other, whether it's nutrition, or anything that comes to just living a healthier lifestyle."

According to Kelly, the road to wellness hasn't been easy, but being able to give her son the healthiest version of herself is worth fighting for:

"When you have the knowledge and you have the education, then you're able to give your body what it needs, you're able to give your heart what it needs, and you're able to be here for as long as you can with the people that you love."

Motherhood looks dope on Kelly, so we're wondering… Baby #2, is that you playa? The singer also recently shared that while Titan may have a sibling in the future, it won't be happening anytime soon:

"Oh my gosh, my son keeps asking me for a sibling. But it's just not [the] right timing."

Read Kelly's full interview here!

Featured image by @KellyRowland.

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