Elisabeth “Karrine Steffans” Ovesen Shares How Celibacy Taught Her About Self-Love

Elisabeth “Karrine Steffans” Ovesen Shares How Celibacy Taught Her About Self-Love

Best-selling author and former video vixen Elisabeth "Karrine Steffans" Ovesen opened up about how practicing celibacy was highly instrumental in her journey to self-love and overcoming past traumas.

The act of celibacy means not participating in sexual activities for an extended period for either religious or personal reasons. Those, who were previously sexually active, that are practicing celibacy could encounter several benefits.

According to Healthline, the list includes a low risk of contracting STDs and STIs, minimal risk of pregnancy, reduced contraception costs, getting to know one's partner on a deeper level other than sex, helping an individual differentiate between "physical and emotional attraction," and more free time to focus on other endeavors.

Ovesen--recognized for her controversial books, some of which included stories of her past sexual encounters with many high-profile celebrities-- shared her celibacy revelation during a recent interview on Hello Beautiful's new series Full Set.

Elisabeth On Celibacy

In the discussion last month, Ovesen revealed that she was celibate for over two years after a failed relationship.

The 44-year-old disclosed that during that moment in her life, she could focus on her self-love journey better because she reduced distractions. Besides self-love, Ovesen also stated that clarity and peace were the other benefits she experienced.

"I was celibate for well over two and half years," she said. "It was amazing. I actually highly recommend celibacy... [For] clarity, absolute clarity. Absolute peace. Self-love was a huge thing I got out of it, realizing that even though we all think and say that we love ourselves, we usually don't. There's no way to gage that until you eliminate everybody and everything."

Elisabeth On How Celibacy Helped Her Heal and Overcome Past Traumas 

Ovesen also expressed that her celibacy journey wasn't solely based on refraining from sex but instead on healing after her relationship's demise. To prove her point, the model added that she could live without sex.

"Sex, I didn't miss because I was with somebody for so long, and when that relationship was tapering off, I didn't need to be with anybody else. I needed to heal more than I needed sex. Sex is not a need for me. It's an extra. I can go forever without it," she explained.

As the subject transitioned to why some women are capable of not having sex for an extended period compared to others, Ovesen shared that an individual's sexual desire or lack thereof could be related to the traumas they have experienced.

Ovesen told the outlet that her celibacy journey helped her uncover some of her traumas, including sexual assault and abuse.

"I think a lot of us have sexual traumas, and we chalk it up to horniness ... You can't just sit with yourself and not be trifled with. So my celibacy left me with that," she said.

In addition to sharing her story about her celibacy journey to inspire others, Ovesen has dedicated her life to writing and bringing light to subjects that many are afraid to discuss.

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