ItGirls From The East
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ItGirls From The East

Meet our East Coast ItGirls. These fierce ladies are all about the hustle and bustle, with hearts as big as their ambitions. They’re not just keeping up with culture, they’re creating it, all while turning their creativity and self-expression all the way up. Let’s hear it for the ItGirls, setting the stage on fire and taking no prisoners!

Read about five of our ItGirls here, but be sure to check out the full ItGirl 100 List.

Scottie Beam



Scottie Beam is a media personality, model, and cultural influencer. She began her on-air career with Hot 97’s morning show Ebro in the Morning. She now co-hosts The Scottie & Sylvia Show on Issa Rae’s Raedio.

Skylar Marshai




Skylar Marshai is a creative strategist and director who loves culture, community, and human behavior. Blending a passion for content capture, design, and exploration, she aims to tell stories that resonate with how her Blackness feels across spaces.

Robyn Mowatt



Robyn Mowatt is a writer and editor. Her work covers the intricacies of Black culture, designers, music, and entertainment. She is the former associate editor at Hypebae, where she developed the site's cultural content and focused on emerging designers, music, and Black Hollywood.

Maiya The Don



Brooklyn's Maiya The Don, known for her viral hit "Telfy," balances rap stardom with a psychology double major at SUNY New Paltz. With infectious singles like "Keep It Cute" and "Dusties," she aims for rap greatness.

Gabrielle Williams



Gabrielle Williams, founder of MeFeater Magazine, pioneers fashion and culture. With vision and passion, she fosters a platform for diverse voices, shaping the prevailing trends and attitudes of our time.




As they say, create the change you want to see in this world, besties. That’s why xoNecole linked up with Hyundai for the inaugural ItGirl 100 List, a celebration of 100 Genzennial women who aren’t afraid to pull up their own seats to the table. Across regions and industries, these women embody the essence of discovering self-value through purpose, honey! They're fierce, they’re ultra-creative, and we know they make their cities proud.

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