Halle Berry Dropped Her Must-Have Beauty Products For 2020 & We Want Everything

...including a $435 light mask that will get your acne breakouts all the way together.

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I'm not sure when beauty and skincare became such a substantial ongoing expense in my budget but it's a thing now and I accept it. While I try my best to keep my spending in line with my needs, I can admit that I'm good for the occasional splurge and Halle Berry can totally relate. While some of her products can be bought at your local Sally's, others cost half my rent.

I aspire to the level of bougie beauty that is Halle Berry, and the actress recently answered our skincare prayers with a list of products that will have your glow on go all 2020, including but not limited to a $7 foot scrub and a $435 light mask that will get your acne breakouts all the way together.

For more details on Halle's favorite beauty-related things, scroll below!

Kismet Salt Soaks ($20)

Instagram/Halle Berry

Give bath time a boost with these all-natural soaks from Kismet Essentials. Halle's picks are Chill, with notes of lavender and rosemary, and Soothe, made with Himalayan salt and rose petals, which can both be bought at Anthropologie for $20.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser ($45)

Instagram/Halle Berry

This luxury body cleanser may be pricey, but according to reviews, a little goes a long way. Infused with sea salt, mandarin, bergamot, and mandarin, Aesop's Geranium Cleanser acts as an exfoliant and antibacterial agent that balances all skin types.

Buddy Scrub Coffee Body Scrub ($15)

Instagram/Halle Berry

A scoop of coffee a day keeps the dead skin away, or whatever my esthetician said. While some may use this caffeine-infused bean as an early morning energy-booster, Halle uses java as an exfoliant and this essential-oil infused product by Buddy Scrub will get the job done without leaving you dry AF.

Heel to Toe Exfoliating and Polishing Foot Scrub ($7.49)

Instagram/Halle Berry

Say goodbye to dry, cracked heels with this exfoliating polish that you can snag locally for less than $10.

Charity Pot By Lush Cosmetics ($16.78)

Instagram/Halle Berry

Made from a blend of rosewood and ylang ylang, this cocoa butter-based body lotion leaves your skin "touchably soft". As an added bonus, a portion of every Charity Pot purchase is donated to a good cause, proving that some things that feel good are actually good for you.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro ($435)

Instagram/Halle Berry

I was today-years-old when I learned I needed an iRobot-style beauty mask that reverses my wrinkles and zaps my acne spots, but it's a thing. They sell it at Dillard's. And now I need it. This LED mask is great for all skin types and can help diminish discoloration, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and even prevent future breakouts.

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