According To This 'Fabulosity Coach,' Financial Success Is All About Intentionality
Money Talks

According To This 'Fabulosity Coach,' Financial Success Is All About Intentionality

Money Talksis an xoNecole series where we talk candidly to real women about how they spend money, their relationship with money, and how they get it.

As the year comes to a close, I know many of us have been doing a lot of reflection on what we did and didn't do in order to reach certain goals. We have created to-do lists and vision boards, prayed on a daily basis, cut people off who hinder growth, signed up for masterclasses—the list goes on, honey! Whether you feel you have seen any progress or not, if you've done at least one of the things I listed, sis, you're doing a good job. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to have all of those amazing dreams and not put any action behind them.

In order to reach your goals and live a fabulous life, I spoke to the expert herself: Cheryl Grace. She's no stranger to corporate life and became a full-time "fabulosity coach" after more than 25 years climbing the corporate ladder. Cheryl knew she wanted to become the person to others that she felt she needed in her early 20s. In 2017, she created Powerful Penny, a lifestyle brand for women at work, in love, and at home.

Courtesy of Cheryl Grace

Through her platform, she empowers women to show up in all the areas of their life at work, in love, and at home, which equals the ultimate fabulosity. "There is this myth that women do not have any power when it comes to money," she said. "I named my company the Powerful Penny because people discount Black people, especially Black women, the same way we discount pennies. But what people forget to realize is that pennies add up. So, pennies can be powerful when you make the decision to collect them and not toss them away. You can do whatever you set your mind to when there is intention behind it."

In this installment of Money Talks, Cheryl talks about how trusting your gut, setting intentionality, and asking for help as the keys to being financially free.

On what she makes in a month:

"Powerful Penny was founded in 2017 and I started it as a side hustle. I went full-time starting at the top of 2021 and I generated $30,000 in the first month. My next goal is to make my first million within the year, so for me, March 2022 is my deadline to see if I reach my goal."

On pivoting to full-time entrepreneurship:

"I think the pandemic helped me. I know a lot of people went through challenges during 2020, and rightfully so. But for me, 2020 was my most productive year ever! I wasn't traveling like I usually do for work, so with the opportunity of staying still, I was able to focus on the products I wanted to create and the courses I wanted to teach. I was ready for a change. I was very intentional about moving out of corporate America into my new role."

On the definition of “wealth” vs “success”:

"I think everyone needs to define success for themselves. For some people, success is strictly monetary. They are trying to reach that six-figure-a-year job. For me, success is owning a cottage by the water. I've collected furniture and decor for the last 10 years and manifested my cottage, [which] for me is mainly a place where my family can gather and keep for generation after generation. Wealth, for me, is being able to build a legacy. Things you have accumulated and can pass on to the next generation is a priority."

On the lowest she has ever felt when it comes to money:

"The lowest I've ever felt when it came to money was when my car got repossessed. During that time, I was going through a divorce and it was a reality check that I could not depend on my then-starter husband to take care of things. I had to figure out how to take care of things myself. That was when I started being intentional about my financial choices instead of living in the moment."

On educating others on the importance of setting intention with money:

"Let's say a person walks up to you and they say they want to be rich. You question them and ask, 'What does being rich look like for you? How are you going to get there?' We have these big audacious goals for ourselves—which is great—but if we do not know how to take small bites or understand what it will actually take to get to our goal, then we are not setting intentions. We can't assume that we can think of big goals and expect them to come true just because we put them on our vision board. It's also about the actions you take and the choices you make to get there. We have to take things one bite at a time."

Courtesy of Cheryl Grace

"We can't assume that we can think of big goals and expect them to come true just because we put them on our vision board. It's also about the actions you take and the choices you make to get there."

On having multiple streams of income: 

"I wanted to continue living the same lifestyle I was living when I was working in corporate. So right now, with the Powerful Penny, I have products and services. I have my journals, affirmation cards, online courses, and executive coaching sessions. A book called The Miracle Morning helped me figure out who my core client would be.

"At the end of the day, I make sure that I keep my products at affordable prices for my clients and consumers [in order] to sustain my multiple streams of income."

On unhealthy mindsets about money she had to let go of:

"A few years back, I had no problem dropping $2,000 to $4,000 on a handbag, but if you would have told me to drop that same amount into an investment product, that would have been another story. I really started to look at less material things and more at what was important for me internally. I started learning how to invest in myself and stop being afraid of what my reality looked like. How you organize your money in your purse says a lot about how you respect it."

"How you organize your money in your purse says a lot about how you respect it."

Courtesy of Cheryl Grace

On the money mantra she swears by:

"My mantra is always, 'Trust your gut.' I don't think a lot of women trust their gut when it comes to money."

For more about Cheryl Grace, follow her on Instagram @iamcheylgrace.

Featured image courtesy of Cheryl Grace




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