Earn Cash Back On Your Shopping Sprees With These 6 Apps

Stop leaving extra cash on the table.


There's nothing like the rush of finding a dress that hits your body in all the right places or the perfect pair of stilettos to match your little black dress. But, sometimes this rush fades after realizing the amount of money you spent on your must-have items. What if there was a way to minimize your shopping guilt while making a bit of extra cash? Lucky for you, there are several apps offering cashback on your shopping spree items.

1. Rakuten

Rakuten is perfect for the woman who loves to shop anywhere and everywhere since you'll have over 2,500 stores to pick from. Whether it's beauty, travel, or clothes, Rakuten offers promotions, coupons, and discounts. It makes earning cashback easy since they offer a free mobile app and browser extension to connect you to your favorite store.

This online retailing platform is completely free because the retailer pays Rakuten a commission on the purchases made by Rakuten members. Rakuten then gives the customer a cut of the commission in the form of cashback. Plus, new members receive a bonus when they make their first purchase. Every three months, members get to look forward to receiving their cashback.

2. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a phenomenal opportunity to find the best coupons that'll save you a ton of money while shopping. This digital destination connects consumers with retailers, brands, and restaurants through in-store and online offers. With over 200,000 offers RetailMeNot helps customers find the best coupons and earn cashback that'll be in their wallet in 45 days or less.

They're so dedicated to finding lucrative offers for their customers that their free app uses GPS technology to alert you to offers in your area. If shopping in person isn't your preference, then download their browser extension to automatically be alerted to any discounts on your favorite e-commerce sites. RetailMeNot is a great way to make sure you're always getting the best bang for your buck.

3. CoinOut

Before throwing away those pesky receipts, download CoinOut to earn cash rewards for your everyday purchases. It's as simple as making a purchase at almost any retailer and taking a photo of your receipt using the CoinOut App. After uploading receipts, you'll receive random cash rewards. The benefits don't stop there. CoinOut also rewards you for shopping at online retailers through CoinOut and they have opportunities to earn rewards from their partners, such as through surveys.

4. ShopKick

Shopkick is the digital place to score in-store and online rewards. Shopkick doesn't provide cash rewards, but they provide the next big thing. They allow you to exchange your reward points for gift cards at major retailers, such as Best Buy, Target, and even Starbucks, and do so through gift cards! It's very simple to earn rewards, or "kicks" as they call it. So easy that you don't even have to purchase anything to start earning reward points. You can earn points by scanning qualifying items' barcodes in-store using their app or simply by walking into the store.

Earn even more points when you make purchases through a connected card or taking photos of your receipts from various retailers including TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and many more. Plus, you can receive reward points simply by watching videos and learning about new products offered in the app.

5. TopCashback 

TopCashback is a go-to for shoppers who rather shop online than in-person. They offer cashback on any purchase from their partner retailers, except for groceries, made through their app or website. Additionally, they offer promotion codes that give amazing discounts on top of the cashback earnings and they promise to match any cashback offer from their retail partners you find off of their platform.

Within 1 to 3 months of making a purchase, TopCash back will pay you 100% of the referral fee received from their retailer partners. Some of their retail partners include Amazon, Bloomingdale's, and H&M.

6. Dosh

Dosh provides automatic cash back at thousands of places, whether shopping, dining, or booking hotels. Dosh is a perfect match for a woman going on a shopping spree because they have retailers like Sephora, ASOS, and a plethora of other options. They make it simple since you don't have to scan receipts nor use coupons. Easily link your card to their app or make purchases through payment platforms that are complementary to Dosh's cashback experience, like Venmo or Jelli.

Unlike other cashback apps, you don't even have to wait for Dosh to pay you. They automatically deposit the funds into your Dosh wallet. Once you accumulate at least $25, you can transfer your earnings into your bank, PayPal, or Venmo.

Now that you know the amount of cash you could be leaving on the table, you should determine which app is right for you and head over to the app store and download one of the aforementioned apps pronto. Or, maybe all of the apps are right for you because they provide a variety of qualifying retailers and different methods to save money. Either way, having at least one of these apps in your back pocket is sure to put extra money in your pocket.

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