Chad Johnson Gives Free Game On How To Save Money
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Chad Johnson Gives Free Game On How To Save Money

We all want to make money but what lengths would you go to save it? Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has become known for his advice about saving money. Whether on social media or in interviews, the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver has never shied away from sharing what many would consider extreme measures to save his money. From living in the former Paul Brown Stadium for two years when he first joined the Benegals instead of spending money on a house to admitting that he wears fake jewelry, Ochocinco has no problem telling on himself when it comes to how he spends his money.

And his interview with Shannon Sharpe was no different. On Shannon’s podcast Club Shay Shay, Ochocinco dropped more gems about saving money that you can apply to your life.

Know Your Value

“I wish people, athletes more so, if you can get to the point in your career where your name becomes bigger than anything you can purchase, there’s your value.”

He later continued, “There’s nothing I can buy that’s bigger than my name alone, so it made no sense. But everybody is caught up in image and looking a certain way and being rich. It’s me, it’s pointless.”

Passing Down a Money-Saving Mindset to His Kids

“The kids, I allow them to do the designer and the nice stuff because I done saved 83% of my salary so it’s okay. And I have stuff coming in already–so life is good because I was able to sustain and keep most of my wealth I made when I was playing and life is still gonna go. So, I allow the kids to enjoy but I need them to understand there’s gonna come a time, you gon have to get off that payroll. But for right now, I will always be there for them no matter what they want. Long as you don’t try to live a lifestyle that you know you can’t afford.”

Not Needing Validation from Society

“The people on the outside that might be new to who I am now that I’m a little older don’t understand that I [have] been this way for the past 25 years.”

Chad then explained he never needed validation from society. “I [have] never been that way because I don’t need validation from nobody on the outside, never have.”

He also said that his kids sometimes make fun of him for his money-saving hacks but calls it “another downfall” in today’s society. “In society, we always need validation and acceptance from others.”

It’s All About Discipline 

“The funny part about it is people [on] social media. Well, if I spend this bag, Imma just go make it back. It ain’t like you think. People, they think the cure and the fix for the problem is, ‘well give me more money. Imma be alright.’ Well, the more you make, the more you spend if you have no discipline and no structure. Every time. ‘Well, just give me more and more.’ No, the more you get, the more you’re gonna spend. And people ain’t gonna listen because we’re caught up in looking a certain way, living a certain way, trying to appease others who don’t really care nothing about you just to say, ‘oh, I got it.’ Well, shit, I got it too, and had it for almost 30 years.”

Chad Johnson saved 83% of his salary by flying Spirit Airlines and wearing fake jewelry | EP. 71

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