Amber Riley Talks Fitness, Self-Validation, And Self-Love On "She Comes First"
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Amber Riley Talks Fitness, Self-Validation, And Self-Love On "She Comes First"

Amber Riley is a woman of many talents. The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear her name is that she's a vocal powerhouse known for solidifying her talent on the Fox series Glee. We've seen her contend with the greats singing (and nailing) vocally challenging ballads like Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" and Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way." She's also a formidable actress and dancer as well. The Los Angeles native knows firsthand, however, that even some of the most talented individuals don't always get their just due.

She Comes First Podcast | Episode 5: "The Body Party" featuring Amber Rileyyoutu.be

We recently had the honor of hosting Amber as a guest on our most recent episode of our "She Comes First" podcast, where she talks about the highs and lows of her career and what it's been like trying to be seen, particularly on the show that launched her into stardom Glee. "I felt like [Glee] was art imitating life," says Riley. "I'm a plus-sized Black girl. I'm not racially ambiguous. I'm not skinny. I'm a Black girl. They don't think that Black sells in this industry. So getting a storyline where I got to actually say 'you're putting me in the background and I'm a star' felt so good." If you follow Riley on Instagram, you know she's been on her fitness grind - a journey she says has been mentally rewarding as it's been physical.

Riley has never been silent about the fact that working in the entertainment business has, at times, taken a toll on her mental health. With therapy and constant self-work, she's been able to identify "that it's ok to not be ok," and the reward that comes with vulnerability. She also shared some valuable lessons about healing after a breakup. Riley, who revealed she ended her engagement earlier this year to her ex-fiancé, whom she met after a feature on xoNecole, Desean Black, says moving toward peace has been her saving grace. "Nothing and no one is worth my own peace," she shares.

Watch the full episode of "She Comes First" featuring Amber Riley above, and visit xonecole.com/shecomesfirst for more episodes.




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