10 Organic Tampon Brands You Might Want To Try On Your Next Cycle

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Am I the only one who didn't know organic tampons were a thing?

Not only do they exist, but there are quite a few benefits that come with going the organic route for tampons. For starters, they're typically made up of pure organic cotton and are bleached with peroxide, compared to non-organic tampon products that have rayon and are bleached with chlorine. Organic tampons are also said to be free of chemicals that can interrupt hormones and synthetic materials used in pesticides.

Consider these organic tampon brands for your next menstrual cycle:

L. Organic


While L Organic tampons are proof tampons can be cute, there's so much more than meets the eye with this brand. It's an award-winning product, so it clearly lives up to the hype. These were created with love and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)-certified organic cotton. They don't have any rayon, fragrances, chlorine, dyes, or pesticides. The applicators are free of all BPA, but also plant-based, and each purchase will go toward providing an organic pad to a girl who resides in a low-income country. These are sold online at the L Organic site and Amazon, and Target flaunts them too. This brand also sells pads and glycerin-free condoms!

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Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons


These are certainly on the eco-friendlier end. It kind of goes without saying that using organic tampons is a simple way of helping the planet, but this particular brand has applicators that are plant-based, which makes it pretty safe for the environment. They are also hypoallergenic and help those with more sensitive skin. Bonus? It's free of fragrances, synthetics, dyes, and chemicals.

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The Honest Co. Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons 


From costing less than $7 to being hypoallergenic and having a plant-based applicator, the Honest Co. organic Cotton Applicator Tampons are pretty dope. For those who have a heavier flow, these tampons were created to inflate to a width that allows the consumer to not only be more comfortable but enjoy more dependable leakage protection. On top of all of that, they are created with cotton that is absorbent and breathable, and the applicator doesn't have any phthalates. This product also has a no-applicator option.

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Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons


This organic tampon brand is one of many that proves just because it's organic, doesn't mean it's not affordable. The makers of Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons pride themselves on the product being inexpensive and also not too difficult to find in chain grocery stores and drugstores. As for what's inside of them, these consist of certified organic cotton and even include applicators that are BPA-free. And that's not all folks. They are made especially for those ladies who have sensitive skin as they're hypoallergenic, which is a major plus. Considering these are less than $6, there's really little harm in trying.

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CORA Organic Tampons


CORA Organic Tampons offers a subscription service with a variety of coverage from regular to super. There is also an option to purchase CORA Organic Tampons with light absorbency. But of course, all of them are organic and free of any fragrances and scents. Some of the subscription plans also come with period liners and body cloths. Is there anything they haven't thought of? Another good thing about this is that your purchase will go toward a month-long donation for menstrual items and education to schools that have female students in need. Giving back and taking advantage of organic tampons? Sounds like a win.

LOLA Organic Tampons


LOLA Organic Cotton Tampons are more than just a pretty name. Their BPA-free applicators also make this brand more attractive. They are all organic and come with a subscription service. Customers can purchase three boxes at a time and have the option to customize the options of light, regular, super and super-plus tampons since we all have a different flow. While they start at $10 a box, you can also get 3 boxes for $30.

Oh, and shipping is free.

Natracare 2000 Organic All Cotton Non-Applicator Tampons


The Natracare tampons set themselves apart from many other organic tampons as they feature an insertion option that doesn't require an applicator. Like many of the other organic tampons, Natracare also don't contain any chlorine, dyes or rayon. If that's not enough, these are biodegradable and compostable. Boom shaka laka.

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BON Certified Organic Tampons


The creators of BON tout that the organic tampon is 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton. The women who opt for this brand don't have to worry about dyes and fragrances as this one has none at all. The manufacturers don't use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, bleaches or insecticides to make this, making the all-natural feature more appealing.

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Rael Organic Cotton Tampons


Here's the standout feature about this one: It comes with a biodegradable cardboard applicator, and while there's no surprise there, the key is that it can be flushed. These tampons were also created with organic cotton, but pesticides and fertilizers were left out of the equation.

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Veeda Natural Cotton Applicator Free Tampons


No synthetics, no chemicals, no dyes, no pesticides… It doesn't get much more organic than Veeda. The developers for this one tossed the plastic applicator, so there's a lesser hassle when it comes to use and function. These are biodegradable as well. One step closer to saving the planet.

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